Saturday, August 2, 2014


Good morning kid! Will I get kissed today?
9:21am Philip
I hope so. Morning.


Hey there!  How’s your day going?
I was a very very bad girl.

7:32pm Philip
Well good for you!

I misbehaved…
in a cemetery!
7:34pm Philip
Even better
Sounds like a fun Saturday

What’d you end up doing?

7:37pm Philip
Had breakfast with Fred and then went to the beach to see a friend’s new house and relax on the beach. Not as much fun as your day


I can’t believe what I did outside!

Definitely earned hussy points today!

Have you seen the ballerina Misty Copeland?  Take one minute to watch this incredible dancer… and never stop following your dream.

Would you make out with me in the cemetery on a rainy Saturday afternoon?
9:01pm Philip
Sure? Fun outside. What did you do?

Everything but
We were very brave (or stupid?)
9:15pm Philip
I have done everything outside and within view. It’s pretty hot. Got a blow job in the car while a trucker rode alongside and watched. He had great view of her naked ass and then she sat up and flashed her tits. Guy blew the horn and a kiss and took off. Hot little wench

I swallowed

9:16pm Philip

Nice!  Is that new?
9:17pm Philip
Did not think so, good girl!
much hotter 
although shooting on your tits is hot too
Still haven’t done that!
He made me cum with his fingers in two holes at once.

9:19pm Philip
Did you like that? Always thought that was hot
Yes!   This guy is the only one who has ever done it right

9:20pm Philip
Fred and Beach Gal both have amazing asses. I spend hours enjoying them.

Just need to be well lubricated and coordinated

He reminds me a lot of you… pays attention to signals from me in a way most men don’t

9:22pm Philip
I try to make it about them. Do that and it will be good for you too.


 Mmgf… feel so much better after having been touched!  
9:24pm Philip
I’ll bet!

Now the future stretches out ahead of me… which way to go next?
9:26pm Philip
Wherever it takes you

9:51pm Philip
Very hot by the way

2 thoughts on “Outside

  1. The amazing thing about Misty Copeland is that she only started ballet in her teens. Making it to ABT from where she came from just doesn't happen; not only from an economic standpoint, from a body type standpoint, but mostly from a preparation standpoint. She is a great and wonderful anomaly.

    This is her and Brooklyn Mack (who dances with Washington Ballet) working on Swan Lake. They are the first African American duo to perform the pas de deux of Odette and Sigfried.


    Brooklyn Mack is also and incredible dancer.



  2. Wow! The combination of beauty and athleticism is breathtaking! Thanks for introducing me to Brooklyn!

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