Fancy sushi

Friday, August 1, 2014           
8:18am Philip
Good morning. Couple a meetings and then back home. I should be excited but I’m not. I have zero desire to be up there, no desire to see Fred, no desire to see my wife. Don’t miss any of it. Seems so strange, it’s supposed to be home but it’s not. Geez.

Have a great Friday Girl. Hope something brings a smile to your face.

Sound familiar?
[postcard with a man and woman.  Man says “Honey, Do you have anything to say before football season starts?]
3:56pm Philip
Love it!  Needed a smile

Map of the US with the wealthiest person in each state.  You can click to learn more about them.  Interesting how many I knew and how many I didn’t.

6:32pm Philip
[photo of meat on the grill]
6:32pm Philip
So bummed, so friggin sad. Dinner. Tipsy.

Lord Sass, like my soul is gone. What is wrong with me?

How can you look at that gorgeous meat and not smile?  
Aww…sorry kid.

I just had phone sex…mmmm

6:36pm Philip

I’d give everything just for a hug. Just one more chance to hold her. I’m so fucked up and such a pansy. I love that girl so much. Can’t get past it.

I don’t want anyone. Feel like she cut my heart out. This is awful but I own it. My fault. I deserve the pain and complete loneliness. I can’t turn it off. I’m such a girl

7:16pm Philip
Chops were good. I like lamb. Sweet potatoes and fresh green beans with it. Can’t say I enjoyed it. My mind is focused on the one thing I can’t have and it’s eating me up. 
Phone sex is always hot and fun. Glad you had a little fun!

Had an amazing sushi dinner.  We tried to get in to the little hole in the wall… no parking for blocks!  So we went to Fugakyu, the fancy place, taking a friend for her birthday. Sooo good!  Here’s my lobster tempura maki and Hubby’s tuna sashimi, which won the prize for most beautiful presentation! And a lovely hydrangea along the sidewalk.

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