Lake W Day

Monday, July 21, 2014
[from my private journal]
10:34 pm – Lake W Day
Hubby and I drove up to Lake Winnipesaukee today!  
We got on the road about 8:30 am.  It was a perfect weather-wise!  There was very little traffic on 93. I ate red seedless grapes as we rolled along. 
We decided to take the scenic route along Rte 11 from Alton Bay, got a little lost making it there from 93.  We made it to Laconia in less than 2.5 hours and walked right in at Kitchen Cravings in Gilford at 11:30 am.  We had a 2-top in the middle of the dining room.  Hubby had the beef burrito – huge!  I ordered The Trainer – 1 egg over easy, 1 slice of French toast, one slice of bacon and one sausage.  I had a side of kielbasa and I also shared a unicycle – the cinnamon bun flattened, dipped in french toast batter and fried.  Washed down with fresh OJ and a hot chocolate – it was divine!  If you’re ever anywhere near Laconia, be sure to stop in – everything is amazingly delicious and inexpensive!  Take a jacket – this is the coldest spot around.  I don’t usually notice a/c, but it was about 60 degrees in there! 
Weirs Beach
We rolled over the Weirs Beach Boardwalk.  I got my right hand henna’d.  A young black woman painstakingly drew a free-hand design of circles and vines and dots.  Hubby got into the spirit and had the “Firefly” Serenity Chinese characters painted on his hand!  We checked out the “2 for $10” t-shirt shop but didn’t find anything, 
A Cruise 
We got on the 2-hour U.S. Mail boat Sophie C boat cruise.  It was a delightful guided tour of the lake with stops at several islands.  It was like visiting a bunch of little towns and having the locals come out to meet you – people gather at the dock to get their mail and buy ice cream off the boat!  We forgot to re-feed the meter before we got on the boat, but we didn’t get a ticket!  
We drove to Kellerhaus, the amazing ice cream, candy and gifts shop.  We were very moderate, only buying a few chocolates and hard candy.  I resisted the display of Grumpy Cat paraphernalia at the front door.  
View of Lake Winnipesaukee from the second floor deck 
of the Town Docks Restaurant, Meredith, NH

Hot-buttered lobster roll with onion rings, watermelon slice, 
then Hubby’s plate of steak tips kabob, roasted potatoes and corn on the cob 
at the Town Docks Restaurant, Meredith, NH
Early supper
We made our way to Meredith for an early supper at the Town Docks Restaurant.  We sat on their second floor deck in the shade near the door with an amazing view of Lake Winnipesaukee!   I ate some of Hubby’s lobster corn chowder.  I had clam chowder.  We shared the corn fritters with remoulade sauce.  He had the steak tips kebab.  He gave me half his corn on the cob and his watermelon slice.  I had the hot buttered lobster roll with onion rings.  I ate the sweet fresh lobster claw meat dipped in butter, but not the roll.  This was the first place there was wifi all day, so I checked in on Facebook and uploaded a bunch of photos.  You can see them on Google+ 
Heading home
We set off for home down I-93 about 6 pm and made it in about 2.5 hrs, with a brief stop at the Hookset visitors center.

So we’re home safe and sound and amazingly refreshed after 12 hours away!  

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