Saw it coming

Monday, July 21, 2014
6:57am Phil 
It’s not gonna help. The damage is done and can’t be undone. She will never take him back. Just my feel on things. I’m sorry but I saw it coming out that way once he was caught.

The church friends may turn their back too. I have not found a lot of forgiveness and compassion from church friends. Just self righteousness and judgement. Got the same from pastors. Ah well. I’m sorry

Good morning!  I agree but he has to try. And if it doesn’t work he’ll find another good Christian woman to marry.  I’m off to Lake Winnipesaukee with Hubby.  Have a great Monday!

7:49am Phil 

Enjoy your day! He’s going to find the same issues with the next good Christian woman, no fun, uptight, conservative. Not that you have to be any of those things to be a Christian or love God but seems to be the trend. I guess good Christian women don’t flash their tits on the back of a Harley. Shame too. 

Enjoy the lake! I’m working at home with a shit ton of admin to get done!

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