Gonna take time

Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Good morning Philip!  Had a fantastic day at Lake W yesterday – see too many photo on my wall.   Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

I enjoyed the lake – cruised on the mail boat!  And the food.

But I had too much time to think and saw too many things that reminded me of Kris, so that was tough.  And I couldn’t keep from comparing the day with Hubby vs. Kris… *sigh.  Ah well… I’ll get over it… just need some time.  Mwah!

9:02am Phil 

I know. Easier said than done. It’s hard. Time helps but it’s gonna take time. Enjoy the day!

Took Mom on a drive out into the countryside.  We’re having lunch at the Red Raven Gastropub in Acton!  The food is strange and expensive, but the view of the Nagog Pond is beautiful.

My groovy bacon cheeseburger 
with a bunch of stuff I took off before eating it!

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