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Sunday, July 13. 2014
Homemade breakfast!
De Wafelbakkers blueberry pancakes, maple syrup, kielbasa and OJ!  Discovered the frozen pancakes from Shaw’s on Instacart – microwave for 1 minute and nom!


11:22am Phil 
Enjoy the afternoon!


You too kid!  I wish I was beside you at the beach!  
Thanks for calling back… I had toddled off to shower by then.  
Thought of you and let the water pound me!

11:59am Phil 

Ha ha

I am so sad today… you know that’s rare for me!  But I feel like I’ve grown a bit.  I want to help Kris, hate to see him suffering… but if he can’t help me, sees touching me as some moral failing?  I can’t be someone’s bad habit.  Or help a guy who won’t help me with the one thing I need.  Is that bad of me?

12:10pm Phil 

I have been there. Kids, friends all treating me like some creep. Beach Gal used to call herself my dirty little secret. She got so depressed and angry and sad, it ruined what we had. I needed time to sort it out. It’s not bad of you! This is hard.  Help if you can. His world just fell apart. He needs to talk and he has no one he can talk about this too. Sex is the last thing on his mind.

Thanks for that perspective… it makes things make more sense.  I’ve worked really hard to make our time fun, a break from the rest of his crap,  not to mention my side… so you get to hear it.

12:16pm Phil 
12:44pm Phil
I’m always happy to listen. I’ve been down this road and I get it

12:51pm Phil 

I am sitting on the beach with a cold beer, nice breeze blowing, oysters coming, surrounded by lovelies in bikinis!
rough!  I just braved the grocery!  Whee! 
They changed owners so I couldn’t find anything!


Taking Hubby in to Boston to help out on a project,  then run the monthly project meeting, then BBQ, then back to get Hubby.  Whee!

1:40pm Phil 

1:51pm Phil

[11-second VIDEO of the beach and the ocean from the deck of a restaurant]
2:28pm Phil 
[PHOTO of him smiling, wearing shades and sitting on the beach]
2:50pm Phil 
my favorite beach bar

2:51pm Phil 

[PHOTO of his toes in the sand with the beach, the surf, the ocean]

3:13pm Phil 
[PHOTO of the beach with houses and vendors under umbrellas]

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