Meet #24 – Suddenly moral

Saturday, July 12, 2014 
Kris stayed over on the sofa Friday night.  Saturday when I woke up, he had set up his computer on my coffee table and was working and eating cereal.  He thought it would take about 7 hours.

Hubby woke up with a bad sore throat, so he stayed home and mostly slept until it was time to go out to work on his project in the evening.  I had to go see Mom, so we had a first with Kris and Hubby home together without me!  Odd for me to leave the two of them there but Kris said it went fine, and Hubby is very glad to help him out.

I had a nice lunch with Mom at the Great Mandarin Chinese buffet in Woburn.  They make these crunchy little leek wontons I’ve never seen anywhere else that I am addicted to.  I flirted with a Guatemalan landscaper.  Heh.  He walked right up to the table and asked, “How old is your mother?”  She answered.  Heh.  I asked him how old he is?!  40-something.  He sat down and chatted with Mom.  He’s the crew chief for a team of gardeners.  That’s never happened before!

Mom and I went to a matinee of a live radio show, then I took her home.  Hubby took off and I was left alone with Kris.
Kris finished most of his work by 6:30 pm and offered to take me out for supper.  We went out to Belle Isle Seafood across the harbor.  It was such a perfect evening!  We watched the sunset over the Boston skyline, with boats motoring into the marina and planes taking off from Logan.  The lobster pie was delicious and he devoured a baked swordfish steak. 

When we came home, I tried to kiss him as we came up in the elevator, like always.  “No serious kissing!” he says to me.  I ignored him, thinking he was kidding, but he pushed me away.  I really can’t deal with that!  
I watched porn while he finished more work.  He gave me a nice little back rub as a I sat at my desk.   We spent more sofa time.  He ticked me off talking about how I’ll be okay when he leaves me, I’ll find someone else who is a better lover, how he needs to give me up on the 1% chance his wife will relent.  I know he has to focus on his life, and relieve himself of worrying about me, but it’s tough to listen to.  Better than silence though!  
I tucked him in, kissed his forehead and went off to bed alone.

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