Sad Sunday

Sunday, July 13, 2014
Kris left before I got up this morning, let me note that amounted to “I’m going away, putting on my big boy pants, going to deal with all the crap I have to deal with to sell the house and get back in at church and salvage my relationships with my children.”   Well then.
I made breakfast for Hubby and me – a comforting plate of blueberry pancakes and kielbasa.  Yum.

I called Kris to check on his plan for this evening, since I will be in and out all day – he said not tonight and seemed eager to get off the phone.  He said he was going to try to deal alone but this wouldn’t be our last conversation.  Okay then.

I was very sad… thinking of him dealing all alone, and for myself not having his smiling face around.  But I don’t think it’s up to me to be his sole support.  If I loved him and wanted to be with him when the dust settles, it might be different.  But the last thing I need is another man who needs so much and won’t touch me! 

I shudder thinking of starting again, so I will wait until I am so desperate it seems like a good idea.  Kris has really spoiled me with the trips and the dinners and wanting to be part of my life… don’t think I will see that again. But who knows what adventures are around the corner?  🙂 
Phillip called!  He was driving to the beach.  He is very sympathetic, has been where Kris is. 
I got organized, went to the grocery store to pick up bbq supplies.  I got cocktail shrimp and the ingredients for a caprese salad, and some big jugs of iced teas.  I took Hubby to work on his project, then zoomed out to the burbs for a project team BBQ.  I was very early but texted the host who invited me in to motivate her to make the final preparations.  I sliced tomatoes and mozzarella and elegantly displayed the shrimp on a platter while she finished setting up the back yard.

I wandered outside to hob knob and catch up on whatever project any particular person is doing.  Our alums are involved in so many things!  Someone brought a huge white bird – a cockatoo!  I had fun talking to the bird, who talks back!  
It got too hot so I ducked inside to bask in the a/c.  Several others joined me in the living room and we had a lively conversation.    
Too soon it was time for me to leave to pick up Hubby in Boston at 5:30 pm.  He wanted Chinese, so we popped over to a new place, Dumpling House, and he ordered take-out.  Sadly they were swamped, and it took 45 minutes!  I caught up on Facebook sitting in the car.  We finally made it home at 7:30 pm.  I had yummy chicken corn soup and peking ravioli.  I chatted with another blogger.  Nice to have a sympathetic ear!  
Not a word from Kris… I wonder when I will hear from him again?

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  1. I know these memories are a year old but I'll quote Dr. Suess anyway (as I've been looking for a reason to): “don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”

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