Meet #23 Part 2 – Sharing

Friday, July 11, 2014
My alarm went off about 7:20 am.  I hit the snooze button, then dragged myself out of bed.  I went out to wake Kris up, but he was already up and dressed, having showered and eaten cereal!  I hugged him in the kitchen as he made coffee, then got ready for work.  
He is very nervous about anyone seeing him use the toilet.  He usually shuts and locks the door!  I keep telling him it is a natural thing, no big deal, he is welcome to come in when I am in the shower or at the sink.  He has never done it.  Today he really had to poop.  He was so worried about grossing me out, but could not wait.  I was brushing my teeth with the door open and he asked and I waved him in.  He talked as he did his business.  Apparently this was a huge first for him.  He was laughing.  I got him to try the wipes I like.  Ha!  I adore sharing the mundane moments of life with my guy!   I know this is one of those “there are two kinds of people” things, where some folks can’t imagine ever leaving the door open or sharing a bathroom, and others don’t see what the big deal is.  I am definitely in the latter camp!

I finished before he did, so I was half-naked in the midst of getting dressed and gave him a hug when he exited the bathroom.  I kissed him and pressed my naked chest against him.  He pulled away and chided me.  I can’t take much of that.  *sigh
Hubby was running late, so I sat at my desk.  I told Kris I’ll be home alone tonight.  He said there would be three options – he’d either pick me up at work at 4 pm, arrive later or not visit at all.  He would call me later.  I told him I am busy tomorrow and Sunday, so tonight is it if he wants to see me this weekend.  
I had hoped he would wait for me to walk him out, so I could see him off and let him out of the garage and squeeze a few more moments, as we always do.  But he seemed very antsy.  He kissed me on the forehead and left about 8:45 am. 
Kris called about 5:30 pm.  He’d tried to call me earlier in the day, left an odd message about 2:30 pm that got cut off.  Didn’t answer when I called back, so I just waited.  
He called in a panic – he said his wife had seen my trip photos.  So she is stalking me under my real name!  Argh.  I spent an hour on G+ locking everything down, making all my the photos “friends only.”  I googled myself and wished I was not so easy to find. Ugh.  I had thought Kris was on his way down when he called, but he didn’t show up until about 9 pm just as I was giving up.  
He came in and flumped on the sofa.  I made myself a late supper of pancakes and bacon.  He let me read his wife’s texts.  Geesh… one insult after another.  She wrote “You have defiled me, like a terminal disease.”  ugh.  Who writes that like?  She is doing the victim thing to the hilt. I get it but… wow.  

He slept with his head on my lap on the sofa.  I am guessing he doesn’t sleep much when he is alone, due to his brain racing over all he has to deal with.  I like giving him a safe place to rest.  However, it is so tough for me to have him here and not touching me! 

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