Big sap

Friday, July 11, 2014
9:09am Phil 
Morning Girl! Hope it’s a great Friday!
Good morning kid!  You working hard?
11:21am Phil 
I am!
4:29pm Phil 
Done, tired and ready for a beer


I hear that! I’m home. Alone.  Bleh
10:03pm Phil 
Sad tonight.


10:07pm Phil 
Beach Gal wedding tomorrow


Wait, what?

10:11pm Phil 
Her daughter, love that kid

10:11pm Ah

10:12pm Phil 
Life is strange sometimes, the things that hit your heart so hard and I have a big soft heart

Wish I was harder but I’m such a big sap


It’s part of your charm.
10:16pm Phil 
Yeah? She’s all wrong but I miss her so much


I know kid.
10:21pm Phil 
Listened to the Nickleback song. Breaks my heart

10:57pm Phil 

Your guy doing ok?
No.  He’s a mess.
and his wife is stalking me online… 
I had to spend an hour tonight locking things down

Did you know I am a whore?  

Godless slut?  Prostitute?  Vile adulterer?

11:03pm Phil 

I’m so sorry. I know from personal experience. I know.

Tough to deal with.

Just have to let it all roll off your back


He is being very good at that.
11:08pm Phil 
Hard too do I know


She texts him crap all day.  
He keep calm, says I’m sorry, I love you.
11:10pm Phil 
Not gonna help


Nope.  She is done.  Filing for divorce.  Told him to sell the house.

11:11pm Phil 

I knew

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