Belle Isle

Saturday, July 12, 2014
Good morning kid!  Another perfect weather day here! 
Off to Mom’s for lunch, then a local theater show matinee.   
Have a super Saturday!

10:05am Phil 

Enjoy! Going to the gym and then shopping, maybe a winery or two

I need shirts and lamb chops and stuff to make a big pitcher of sangria with


Huh… three things I never buy.

10:09am Phil 
Ha! Gotta have shirts!


Old ones are okay for me.
10:12am Phil 
Work clothes you know. Looking raggedy this morning.

[PHOTO of him smiling, wearing a baseball cap and t-shirt]
Hiya Gorgeous!

Went out to Belle Isle Seafood for supper in Winthrop.  Nothing like Boston at sunset.  and LOBSTER PIE!  : )

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