The last letter

Sunday, June 29, 2014
Good morning kid!  Another bunch of great photos yesterday!  I had a fun lunch with Mom and my niece. Then my guy came over and hung out.  He makes me smile. Have a great Sunday!

9:38am Phil 

He doing ok? I know how hard that is
Glad you are having a good weekend


He is doing incredibly well.  He got a text saying “check your mailbox” so he’s thinking that can’t be good.  Trying to decide if I can go with him to find out.  Hubby is being a great sport about having him around.

Amazing to have a guy around who picks up after himself and does stuff around my place!  And touches me…

9:42am Phil 
Hubby has his girl around there so you should be able to have your guy, right? 
I’m guessing the mailbox contains divorce papers

Nice when it’s a partnership.

If she went right to that without ever talking to him?  Wow…

9:47am Phil 

Some women are like that.  She doesn’t sound like a real stable one


I dunno.  I can understand.  
If her son handed her a pile of our email?  ugh.

9:50am Phil 
That would be all she needs to make a case. Kids always pick a side but expect you to remain neutral where they are concerned.
*sigh  I am so lucky to have friends like you who get it…

10:04am Phil 

I’m the last person to be judgmental. 
Too many people trapped in marriages they no longer enjoy

He loves her, wants to stay with her… figures he’s the one who gets caught.  Most of my online pals wouldn’t mind getting out.

10:16am Phil 
That sucks

10:39am Phil 
Never go to the house


I learned that lesson last weekend!
No more closets!

1:05pm Phil 
There you go. Learn lessons along the way.


We’re driving to NH. Think good thoughts for him and me.

7:42pm Phil 
How did it go?

Mailbox had letter from wife. She’s moving far away to live with daughter, filing for legal separation, wants no contact.

He stayed calm, took me out for supper on Lake Winnipesaukee.  

He has some big decisions to make.

7:47pm Phil 

That’s what I thought. Sorry it worked out that way

Tough to know what to do.  He let me read it.

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