Meet #19 Two O’s

Saturday, June 28, 2014
Me: Hiya hot stuff! Leaving Mom’s. Eta 3:15 pm. You headed my way? 2:42 PM
Kris: water cocks… I mean phlox. I’m bringing u a bigger flower pot with heavier soil (from the sacred ground of my veggie garden) so water will be in soil longer. poor little cocks. I mean phlox…dying of thirst…all alone and neglected. don’t worry little cocks…I mean phlox…Uncle Kris will try to save u from mean Sassy…who’s too busy with sex to even give u a little drink now and then. but dont worry little cocks…I mean phlox. 2:42 PM
Me: You are a strange and wonderful man 2:43 PM
Kris: there’s that “strange” again. don’t understand. 😉 2:45 PM
Kris: home. doing laundry. WATERING PLANTS. will text when I leave here with eta there 2:46 PM
Me: Okay. 🙂 2:47 PM
Me: I’m home. Took my niece for frozen yogurt! 4:11 PM
Kris: fun! leaving home now. eta 5:30. will be late now by time done work. still want me to come? 4:14 PM
Me: Yes! Stay again if you like? 4:21 PM
Kris: you sure? please make sure it’s ok with Hubby. tell him I wanted u to check 4:24 PM
Me: He says, “Sure!” 🙂 4:24 PM
Kris: k…will stay but have to leave by 8 to go to church. I will b “questioned” about it…..need to “show” 4:28 PM
Me: Hubby’s gone! Where are you? 6:20 PM
Kris: eta 6:45 6:25 PM
Kris: 5 min away 6:40 PM
Kris: here! 6:45 PM
Me: Holding the door open – roll on in! 6:45 PM


Part 1
I woke up about 7 am and went out to the living room.  Kris was still here!  He was reading the Bible.  We talked seriously about scripture and its historical underpinning.  Whee.  How do I end up with these religious men?!  Good thing my minister’s daughter upbringing lets me keep up. He seemed much calmer this morning.  
I made him breakfast.  Yes, I actually cooked!  Ham & cheese omelets, English muffins with raspberry jam, OJ.  He was impressed.  I have this feeling he won’t eat when he’s alone so I want to make sure he has one good meal!  
He continued his work to pare down his expenses, being on the phone with Verizon for eons to cut off his son’s phone and get rid of other extras.  He got a message from his mother – she can’t lend him more money right now. His panic ratcheted up again.  He called her back. I went into the bedroom to give him some privacy. He found me there when he finished his call.  He said he got lots of support but no money.
We had a nice cuddle in my bed before he had to leave.  I thought he was going to leave without doing anything, then he leaned over me sucking on my left breast and fingering me to two orgasms!  That’s a first! 
He said he had a lot of work to do today.  I invited him to grab his computer from home and return to work here, to hang out while Hubby goes off to a project meeting tonight.  I wonder if he will come back? I know he hates being all alone in their big house.  
I walked him to the garage and saw him out on his motorcycle, then headed to my Mom’s to take my niece and her to lunch.  
Part 2
Kris returned at 6:45 pm!  He had to buckle down and do work, so he set up on my living room coffee table where I could see him from my desk.  His laptop computer was acting up, which made it tense.  I downloaded and installed his remote access software on my laptop so he could use my computer if necessary, but right after I did that his computer behaved.  Ha!  I made myself supper – two hots dogs and chips.  
He got a text from his wife – “check the mailbox.”  That made him a bit crazy.  I thought he might take off right away for home but he had to finish his work to get paid and he needs the money, so he continued, stopping now and then to look at me and smile, then ask for help concentrating. 
He finished his work around midnight.  We went into my bedroom and cuddled a while.  He made me cum with his finger!  I’ve figured out a way to think very sexy thoughts about some p0rn video or other scenario that puts me over the edge when I’m close.  It feels slightly traitorous to “leave the scene” in my mind and get inspiration elsewhere, but whatever works!  I rolled onto my stomach.  He pulled my ass up and went in doggie style and came pretty quickly.  Hooray!  Orgasms for both of us!
I sense a certain desperation – trying to get the most out of every moment together.  Neither of us knows when the last time will be.
I tucked him back in on the sofa about 1:30 am.   I watched him for awhile.  It is so tough to leave him there to sleep on his own and go to my bed to sleep with the man who won’t touch me.  *sigh 

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