Hiding in the closet

Sunday, June 22, 2014
Good morning from NH!  Another gorgeous day!  I woke Kris up the right way.   Hope it’s a lovely Sunday for you!
11:08am Phil 
Good morning! Awesome! Glad you are having a great weekend. Driving to the beach


Well…his W just showed up!  They let her out to go to church and she stopped by.
I am hiding in the closet!!!!
11:15am Phil 
That’s funny as hell!

Thank goodness I had cleaned up and stowed all my stuff

11:17am Phil 
I am literally laughing my ass off
been bad with toys everywhere

don’t even think that! !

11:19am Phil 
I’m still laughing

Yeah, bad luck that she arrived but he had a good plan 
and we were lucky it wasn’t worse
We had gone over where to go etc
Ugh. Never a dull moment with this guy!

11:21am Phil 

This stuff happens, at least you weren’t out on a window ledge


My mom liked him.  He charmed her at lunch yesterday. 
She told him “secrets” about me when I went to the bathroom!

11:22am Phil 

Always a good thing

Thanks for listening.   Wife left and we’re off to the boat!

Oh… he told her about the Harley.  She was screaming at him. So hard to have to listen to that!

11:24am Phil 

Have fun! Oysters and beer for me


Yum.  I’m hoping for lobster tonight,  pull up to a river side place in Essex

11:27am Phil 
I’m a simple boy. Oysters, some shrimp and a cold one on the beach
Enjoy the lobster!



I am such a mess.

11:29pm Phil 

What’s up?

We had a wonderful day on his boat, then dinner, went to his place and…
 his wife was there!

11:31pm Phil 
Oh boy. Bad scene?


He drove past and pulled over down the road.  
She drove out and saw him

11:32pm Phil 
You ok girl?

I’m alone at Applebee’s waiting for him

He drove off.  She followed him, beeping her horn
I ducked down

11:33pm Phil 

Does not sound like a good thing
She pulled along side, screaming at him to pull over

11:34pm Phil 
Oh boy


He sped up and lost her, high speed chase with the boat attached!
He dropped me off at the closest restaurant

11:36pm Phil 

At least you did not get caught in the middle of sex


11:36pm Phil 
That would have been bad


Applebees closes at 12… 
not sure what to do if he doesn’t return by then

11:40pm Phil 
Where is your car?
Take a cab to your car


at home in Boston an hour away – I’m in NH… no cabs
I can call Hubby I guess

11:42pm Phil 
Oh shit
May be your only option


Ugh.  Why is there always a catch?

11:44pm Phil 

That’s life! What makes it interesting


Ha ha.  I hope this night gets dull soon!
The 25 year old waiter is hitting on me.  Sigh

12:01am Phil 

Just hope you get home ok


He just texted.  he is returning for me.
The waiter said I can stay for at least an hour while they clean up.
I may ask to go home.
Thanks kid.

12:04am Phil 



Guys come and go, but you’re always here to listen! Whee!

12:05am Phil 

Good luck Sass

0 thoughts on “Hiding in the closet

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ugh, I had a bad feeling about you going to his house. What can go wrong will go wrong, especially when it comes to affairs. I've lived it. I know all this happened a year ago, but what a cliffhanger! Hope it all turned out ok. These situations either drive affair partners closer together or farther apart-Take care, Holly S

  2. Thanks for stopping in Holly! So good to hear from someone who knows. I was leery of going there but I was so curious to see his place, and it made him so happy. I definitely knew pretty quickly it was a mistake to stay there. If it had only been hiding, I could easily laugh it off. But listening to her scream at him, endlessly, over minor things? and him not even notice? It was one of the worst eye-opening moments in human interaction I ever witnessed. It is seared on my memory. Live and learn!

  3. Amazing, glad you made it home safe, and hope thus never happens again. Wish life was simpler. Take care

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