Meet #15 Lunch with Mom and his bed

Saturday, June 21, 2014 
Me: Good morning hot stuff! Happy Birthday! Up for some more firsts?! Mwah mwah mwah! 8:15 AM
Kris: Absolutely! W on war path but she’s stuck where she is, which pisses her off further. May have to b on phone with her a bit more than usual…if she doesn’t hang up which she did once this morning already. don’t want it to spoil our time but need to do some damage control. Thanks for “Happy B-Day”! 11:30 still good time? 8:31 AM
Me: 11:30 is good. May need to take Mom to bank first and it closes at 12:30 pm. I’m saving extra hugs for you. 8:36 AM
Kris: Thanks! 8:37 AM
Kris: After dropping a zillion nasty text bombs on me and refusing to answer phone (scared me)…W finally did. Starting to calm down. I may need to continue being “super nice and very available H” to maintain fire control. U can handle it…unflappable as u are. ;). Alfalfa (in pretty deep doo doo) 😉 9:10 AM
Me: Oh dear… not the best way to start your birthday! I hope I can make the rest of the day better! 9:52 AM
Kris: YOU WILL…FOR SURE!!!!! 9:55 AM
Kris: Don’t forget to bring your laptop…wouldn’t want u to miss anything. plus, unfortunately part of time I need to work – didn’t get everything done yesterday 10:20 AM
Kris: Insert wink after “anything” in previous text. ;). Spanky 10:21 AM
Kris: On my way eta 12. had to drop off something for W. keep peace. sorry 11:15 AM
Me: I’m all set – will see you out front 11:34 AM
Kris: K 11:35 AM
Kris: Here! 11:58 AM
Me: Omw 11:59 AM
Kris: What? 12:00 PM
Kris: I’m at parking lot entrance…..where meet? 12:01 PM
Kris talked me into doing two wild things today: 
1) He went to lunch with mom and me!  
He picked me up at noon and drove me to her place.  He got out to meet her.  I said, “This is my friend, Kris.  Meet my mother, [her name].”  They shook hands and he helped her into his car.  We went to The Ninety-Nine Restaurant in Woburn.  He had dressed up – dress shirt, khaki dress pants, a black sweater – and was very polite.  I sat next to Mom and he sat across from us in a booth beside a window.  She didn’t ask anything about how we met.  Phew! 
He charmed her!  He told her things I didn’t know!  I was astonished he had not told me some of it before.  She was in good form.  She must’ve liked him – she told him “secrets” about me while I was in the bathroom, to make me look better to him, like the fact that I was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa in college.  Heh.  She paid for lunch. 
2) I went to his house in NH!  
We dropped Mom off and headed up to NH.  We stopped for him to change clothes at the Panera in Burlington, then stopped to get gas, then went to get the truck that will pull the boat tomorrow.  We made a grocery list as we drove along – I typed it into my gmail.  
Grocery list
Corn on the cob
Baby carrots
Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing
Sliced Turkey
Swiss cheese slices
Water bottles
Paper towels
OJ gallon
Great Value D Calcium
We went to Walmart to stock up on groceries for dinner and lunch tomorrow on the boat.  
We stopped at TJ Maxx so he could get new swim trunks.  He’s lost a lot of weight since last summer! 
We went to his place!  He has a lovely modern home, surrounded by woods with a big open field.  I shared a pear with him.  I helped get supper ready – shucked corn, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes, put dishes in the dishwasher and washed some pots.  We had cheeseburgers he grilled outside with tomatoes, cucumbers,and corn on the cob.  We ate out on the deck.  It was a gorgeous summer night to sit out in the evening air.  
We cleared the table.  I did a few dishes.  I felt comfortable, at ease in his space.  
He showed me where I could hide if anyone showed up – a chair in an upstairs closet in the guest room that is mostly a storage area.  We put all my stuff in there too, just in case.  It was good to know where to go but it made me very aware of having to be on guard, and to watch what I touched and not leave anything in the wrong places.  
I sat at the dining room table with my laptop, surfing the net at usual.  He sat on the couch working.  He would take a break every now and then, come over to kiss me and rub my shoulders, then go back to it.  
He finally finished right at midnight.  He took my hand and led me upstairs to his bedroom.  It was at the corner of the house with a lovely breeze wafting in the windows. 
I went to put my glasses on the night stand, and moved hers.  Ugh.  I noticed a fine sheen of dust and realized anew how dangerous it was for me to be there!  I noted the position of everything, so I could put it back just so.  And tried not to disturb the dust.  I used a tissue then realized I could not throw it out in the wastebasket on her side of the bed… no way he was normally be over there.  I worried about leaving any hairs on the pillow or lower down in the bed!  Ugh… this was going to be a lot trickier than I had imagined.  I resolved to be super-duper careful, and not to go there again if at all possible. 
Then I tried to put all that aside, fulfill his fantasy and rock his world!  We started out slowly – he told me stories and rubbed my chest.  He played with my clit… BOOM!  I had two searing orgasms!  Whee!  
We were lying side-by-side facing each other, cuddling.  He pulled my leg over his hip and used his cock to play around my slit, then slid inside me and moved back and forth in the best possible way while we kissed.  Mmm…. he came long and hard, moaning dramatically.  
He was quiet for a bit then thanked me for helping him be “oh so bad.”  Heh.  I touched his face and he was smiling broadly.  He drifted off to sleep.  
I was really keyed up.  Between the sex and the tension at being there, I couldn’t sleep.  I stared out the window into the darkness and pondered many things.  I finally fell asleep about 2 am.

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