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Friday, June 20, 2014


Good morning kid!   Had a great dinner with my guys.  Phew.  Then Kris and I had our own fun.   Have a fantastic Friday!

Harley-Davidson’s New Bike Hums, Instead Of Roaring
Harley-Davidson wants fans of motorcycles often called “hogs” to get to know its new electric bike that’s quiet and has zero emissions.

7:50pm Phil 

Saw this
Glad dinner and your evening went well


He wants me to stay at his house tomorrow night…

8:42pm Phil 

Is his wife out of town?


Her work requires her to be on-site overnight

9:06pm Phil 

How convenient is that!

Seems fantastic but I can’t help thinking there is a catch.
Tomorrow is his birthday and I have this niggling feeling she will find a way to show up.
He’s taking me out on the boat again on Sunday.

9:32pm Phil 

Good luck! Part of the adventure I guess!
Do you enjoy the boat?

Yes.  Fun to see stuff from that angle, relax and watch him so happy

10:56pm Phil 

That’s very cool

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