Meet #14 Dinner with Hubby and Kris

Thursday, June 19, 2014
Kris: It was! Thanks again for fun gifts (including extras u had to work on in bed…does a sore jaw count as being marked?… 😉 Ran into Hubbyl as I was talking to W on phone. He stopped and we had pleasant brief exchange. I called u your first name in talking to him. Didn’t give Sassy away! Strangely, I’m confident dinner will be fine since it will be with two nice people. (But where the hell did I misplace that moral compass of mine?! Must be around SOMEWHERE!). ;). MORNING! 8:58 AM
Me: Good morning! You are the best human piano! Hubby reported that he talked to you. How weird was that? I am really looking forward to tonight! I took off today… needed a break and didn’t have any meetings. Have a great day! Mwah! 9:12 AM
Kris: Rest! Enjoy! chat…play online….shop for flower boxes u can put on balcony rails! I never checked but they MUST make ’em. Noticed u didnt kill my plant yet! 🙂 9:27 AM
Kris: Having any fun? 1:07 PM
Me: Mostly napping! You on your way? Do you wanna park here and ride with us or meet at the restaurant? 5:02 PM
Me: You close? Did I miss a text? 5:48 PM
Kris: Didnt miss text…state cop just gave me ticket for no helmet. sorry. will park there and ride with you. Wild Kris. 5:56 PM
Me: Oh no! Eta? 5:57 PM
Kris: Here! 6:05 PM
Me: In elevator! 6:07 PM
I forget exactly why I said it, but Kris and I were chatting, as we do, and he mentioned having lunch with my mother, getting to know other people in my life to get to know me better.  And I said, “You could have dinner with my husband, too.”  
He balked at first.  “Why would I do that?”  
“Because you can.  And it’s another way to know me.”  I also mentioned that I had eaten with a couple of Hubby’s girlfriends, so fair is fair!  
I talked with my husband about it and he was eager.  They had met a couple times by accident when one was arriving and the other leaving, so it made sense to do it right. 
The stars aligned very quickly with both guys had an evening available, so we made plans for Thursday night. 
Hubby went to the pharmacy to get some meds (to clear our parking space) and I waited for Kris.  I didn’t hear from him, which is very unusual.  I usually get update texts as he makes his way here.  When he was 30 minutes late, I texted him.  He said he’d be here soon – he had gotten a ticket for not wearing his helmet while he cruised down the interstate into MA!  
Kris arrived.  I let him into the garage, he parked his bike in our spot, then we walked around front to my car.  I drove with Hubby in the front and Kris sat behind me.  He regaled us with tales of getting a ticket.  Hubby told of the hassle at the pharmacy.  They told him there was a national shortage of Welbutrin!   
We went to dinner at The Ninety-Nine, a bar and American restaurant.  We had the perfect table, in a corner, with no one on three sides of us and the other table a good distance away.  Hubby and I sat on the same side, with Kris facing us both.  There was good conversation, good food.  It felt totally normal. 
I drove us back to the house, then Hubby took off to see his lady friend, and Kris and I went inside.  He wasn’t feeling very frisky, so he sat on the couch, turned on his music on the radio and we talked a bit.  I finally got him into my bed and naked.  So good to feel his skin on mine  He played with me awhile, putting his hands on my chest and then my clit.  After awhile, he got underneath me perpendicular and pumped me for awhile until he exploded. Yum.  We cuddled together in the afterglow.  He left about 11:45 pm.  What a night!  The most unusual thing was that it was so normal.  
Kris: Out! Mwah! 11:58 PM

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