Truffle pie

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hiya kid!  Sorry I missed your call.  Thank you for thinking of me!  Hope your day is off to a good start.


The review went well because I distanced myself. Oh, I looked like I was paying attention, but I made up my mind this is stupid verbiage that will languish in a computer somewhere, doesn’t matter.  It gave me clues on how she thinks.  She is a hateful bitch but she didn’t put that in writing, just made nasty comments that I can’t show the union.  But I didn’t let it get to me.

My guy… let’s call him Kris (for Kris Kringle because he looks like a skinny Santa and I’ve been told I can NOT call him Santa) came over and we played with my toys.

Kris is having dinner with Hubby and I this evening.  That should be… interesting.  He is freaking out a little, as most people would but he is good at dealing with that and moving on to have fun.

7:15am Phil 
Wow! Good attitude! Glad you had a relaxing evening. Tonight sounds fun as well! Working which sucks but get to have dinner with Fred each nite which has been nice


Oh!  You are a lucky man!  Kris and Hubby keep running into each other as Kris is arriving or leaving, so I figured it’s time to do it in a more organized way, get all the nervousness out.  K asked why he should meet him and I said “Because you can. Another part of knowing me.”   We’ll see!
8:23am Phil 
Should be interesting. It’s is a little disconcerting. Did not stop me from fucking the hell out of you after I met him though

Delicious dinner at The Ninety Nine.  I had the bbq turkey tips again, with a special drink and dessert.

 Frozen raspberry lemonade
Chocolate raspberry truffle pie 

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