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Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Me: Good morning sugar lips! I’ll be here at 5:30 pm…focused on that to avoid freaking out over performance review at 2 pm. Have a wonderful Wednesday! 8:03 AM
Kris: Ok! You’ll be fine. Playing “helpful husband”. bringing W insect repellant this morning. Told her to call if she needed anything to “help her out”. Really just evil, cheating, lying H covering proverbial ass. Setting her up to avoid any future surprise visits home at future “inopportune times”. U in her bed would be an “inopportune time”…think? How do u want me to mark u? Suck hard? Where?  Deceitful, Ass-Covering Spanky 😉 8:15 AM
Kris: Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Don’t let the bastards/bitches beat u down! Chin up tough Sassy! And just think…shortly we can jump in the game room and play with toys! Fun to have a sexy playmate! 😉 11:14 AM
Kris: How’d eval go? 3:34 PM
Kris: Have to stop and buy cell phone battery…may delay eta…go ahead and eat. i’m fine…keep u posted 4:42 PM
Me: I’m home. 5:35 PM
Kris: Here! 5:50 PM
Me: In elevator 6:00 PM
Kris: U mesmerizer! 7:16 PM
Kris arrived about 5:50 pm.  I dashed down to let him into the garage.  He parked his motorcycle in my spot and we smooched in the elevator!  
We talked while I finished eating a bowl of cereal.  I am trying to save money and cereal is so easy!  He opened the birthday present I got him – two mugs that look like prescription bottles and have an Rx for caffeine!  Hee!  I had seen a photo of them on Facebook, and shown it to him, and he said he’d love to have one.  It was an inexpensive way to give him something silly and fun.  He is so addicted to coffee!  He drank three cups in the 90 minutes we were talking.  
I also gave him a 6-pack of toilet paper.  We got a case at work by mistake and the vendor didn’t know anything about it, didn’t charge us, so the boss told us to take some home.  I didn’t know if he could sneak it into the house, or would appreciate the gesture, but he seemed very pleased with it!  We are both struggling for money, so it is a small way to acknowledge that and try to help.  
He turned on the stereo – he likes the old rock on 100.7 FM.  He rubbed my back and we chatted about our days.  I had survived my performance review.  We went over the plan for him to have dinner with Hubby tomorrow night.  He asked why I want him to, and I said, “Because you can.  And it’s another part of getting to know me.”  
I also let him sample the wonderful chocolates from Nichols Candies in Gloucester.  He liked them!  He tried the sea salt milk chocolate caramels and a couple nut clusters. 
We went to my bed about 7:30 pm.  I put on the radio in there.  He gave me a delightful back rub then we got naked and played a bit.  Neither of us seemed particularly horny.  I had eaten too much cereal.  We talked and touched and kissed and I “played the piano” on his skin in time to the music.  He giggled!  So fantastic to see him relaxed and laughing.  He shoulders so much… I’m glad I can give him a break and be silly with him.  
He eventually got out the little pink rabbit vibe, stuck it on my clit and made me cum twice!  Whee!  It was getting late and he made noises about leaving, but I settled him back on the bed for a Sassy blow job!  Hee!  It is so hot to see his face and hear his moans when I hit the right spot at the back of my throat.  Yum.  
He took off right at 10 pm.  Hubby texted 20 seconds later asking when he could come home, and I was pleased to say NOW!  
Hubby came in and told me he’d run into Kris in the parking lot.  Kris was just getting off the phone so Hubby rolled down the window to say hello!  They exchanged pleasantries, he said how much he was looking forward to dinner tomorrow.  Wow.  
Kris sent me a sweet text.  He is such a nice guy! 
Kris: Out! THANKS….AGAIN…;) Sleep well…see ya tomorrow! Mwah! 10:16 PM
Me: Yay! You are most welcome. Hope it was a great start to your birthday! 10:49 PM

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