Showing her the bike

Friday, June 20, 2014
Me: Good morning! Have a fantastic Friday! 7:38 AM
Kris: Thanks! So excited about this weekend! Getting almost everything on my birthday list! (U on bike is not likely ;). Ready for “adventure”!? 8:39 AM
Kris: Got a truck to pull the boat! Yay! Might tell W about bike tonite. uh oh..let u know. Hope you’ve survived the day ok. almost playtime! TGIF!!! 😉 3:08 PM
Me: Yay for truck! Are you visiting me tonight? Fine either way. Hoping w doesn’t freak out too badly and perhaps she’ll attribute everything she thought was you having an affair to the bike! 3:27 PM
Kris: Just called W and said, “I bought myself a present. I’m coming now to show u it. I can return it but hoping I can keep it for my birthday.”. She said, “What is it? Did u buy a motorcycle? We can’t afford it.”. What the “F” IS it about friggin WOMEN! always thinkin’ the worst! ;). I said, “Not sayin’ – u’ll see in a little bit.” She says, “Yeah right. I bet it’s a motorcycle.” 3:29 PM
Me: Oh my. So she knew you were pining for one? 3:31 PM
Me: So you aren’t driving down tonight? 3:34 PM
Me: Fire alarm! Whee! So I am out of work early! 3:42 PM
Kris: Can’t visit tonite. have to go to see wife. Sorry. did I say I’d b down tonite? Sorry. would love to but cant. plus going to make round trip to pick up truck so don’t have to waste time doing with you. PLUS still have work to do (argh!) Hope I didn’t disappoint for tonite. Pick u up at 11:30 am tomorrow for lunch with mom?! 🙂 !!! 3:44 PM
Me: No worries. I mentioned H is going out, then we changed the subject. Just wanted to be sure. See you tomorrow! 3:47 PM
Kris: K! keep u posted on tonite’s “drama”. Alfalfa. 😉 3:52 PM
Me: If she kills you, it has been lovely knowing you. Sassy 3:55 PM
Kris: Likewise my dear! 😉 3:56 PM
Me: How do you end up with car and truck? 3:58 PM
Kris: Whatcha mean? 3:59 PM
Me: What are you driving down here in tomorrow? 3:59 PM
Kris: Car 4:01 PM
Kris: Driving….explain logistics later. 🙂 4:02 PM
Kris: Just showed wife. I’m a “deceitful man who loves his hog (harley) more then his wife” BUT I’m alive to fuck another day! So looks like you’re not off the hook that easily! Spanky 🙂 !!! 5:12 PM
Me: Ouch, that doesn’t sound pleasant. But glad you survived! 5:14 PM
Kris: She’ll warm up to it but I’ll pay for a while with regular “tongue lashings.” Worth it…even if I am a sensitive, “fragile” soul. 😉 5:19 PM
Me: I will try to be extra sweet to you to compensate. 🙂 5:20 PM
Kris: 🙂 !!!!!! 5:20 PM
Me: Thinking of you… hope you are home safe and wishing you sweet dreams dear man! 11:05 PM

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