Upscale Mexican

Saturday, June 7, 2014


Good morning!  A beautiful day here… headed into the 80s!  Off to Mom’s to watch horse racing!  Hope you have a good one.

In the “it’s always something with Mom” story, H&R Block did her taxes wrong!  So I have to deal with the IRS and them!  Ick.

Hubby and I took a friend out for upscale Mexican food at La Posada in Arlington Heights. 

 Guacamole made at the table
 Callitos – seared scallops with chipotle bacon cream
 Traditional ceviche
 Tres leches cake

11:38pm Phil 

Oh the IRS sucks! 
Sitting up watching the Stanley Cup playoffs
Had a relaxing day

11:44pm Phil 

Well shit Rangers lost.

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  1. Love fresh Guac! Shame on you for flashing subliminal phallic images in the guise of a Churro dipped in raspberry sauce!!

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