When I’m 80

Friday, June 6, 2014
Kris: thinking of u too….more fantasies….adventures (more boating? overnights? at my house?), meets at your place? “try again” FOR THE 14 MILLIONTH TIME to get u off (no pressure there, eah?…¬†ūüėČ Good Morning Sexy Sass! TGIF!¬†7:28 AM
Kris:¬†Gonna watch The Belmont Stakes with mom tomorrow? (Just saw them talkin bout it on tv, thought of u ūüôā Upset by “Wicked Strong” your bet?¬†7:55 AM
Me: Good morning! Yup! I want a triple crown!! 8:07 AM
Kris:¬†ūüôā¬†8:09 AM
From: Kris
To: Sassy
Sent: Friday, June 6, 2014 11:54 AM
Subject: Will you help me find a woman (or fuck me yourself) when I’m 80-years-old?
Hi Sass!
This made me laugh. ¬†Thought I’d share it with you. ¬†I have a book from when I did my doctorate¬†called: ¬†“Integrating Sex and Marital Therapy”. ¬†It’s a little dated (published in 1987), but still has some¬†interesting and helpful stuff in it for my work. ¬†Has a whole chapter on treating people engaged in “EMS”¬†(extramarital sexual relationships).¬†¬†
Also has a chapter on “Understanding Hypersexuality in Men and Women”. ¬†Chapter makes the point that¬†some forms of “hypersexuality” can actually be symptoms of mental health disorders–particularly disorders¬†such as obsessive/compulsive, using certain drugs, sociopathic (e.g., guy that held you hostage and¬†assaulted you?), histrionic, narcissistic, or borderline personality disorders (e.g., some of H’s girlfriends you¬†describe as “psychotic/dangerous”). ¬†Also, “manic phases” of bi-polar disorder can cause an increase in¬†sexual appetite (but decrease in actual performance).
Anyhow, there are a number of case examples given. ¬†One of them in particular made me laugh (and gave me¬†hope for my own sexual future!). ¬†The point is made that while some forms of so-called “hypersexuality”¬†may be forms of mental health disorders–other times “conventional society” simply can’t accept what¬†should be rightly labeled “normal, unimpaired” sexual activity. ¬†So here’s an example of that–and of¬†what gives me hope for my future!:
“Arthur C., is an 80-year-old business executive. ¬†He is a widower who is still active in the company he¬†founded 50 years ago. ¬†Very much alert and alive to the world, this vigorous 80-year-old man works a¬†full 40- or 50-hour week, enjoys good health, and is still very much interested in sex. ¬†Customarily he¬†has a ‘steady friend,’ usually a woman 30 or 40 years younger than himself, with whom he shares¬†interests and his bed. ¬†On at least two occasions, members of his family have tried to raise questions¬†about his legal and mental competence, citing the fact that he is a ‘dirty old man’ as evidence of some presumed¬†senility. ¬†Here again, Arthur’s behavior would certainly not be seen as abnormal for a 40-year-old or 50-year-old ¬†widower.¬†¬†His sexual desire,¬†rather than being labeled excessive for his age, might more appropriately be¬†recognized as¬†unimpaired,¬†just as his general vigor, health, and work capacity are unimpaired.”

So 17 years from now I’m going to email you and say, “Hey! Sassy…remember me?” ¬†And you email back, “How¬†could I forget?! ¬†You set a world record for number of times I had sex with someone without ever coming!” ¬† And¬†I say, ¬†“Yeah, yeah….rub it in. ¬†Anyhow, I’ve been wondering if you’d help me tweak my AM profile. ¬†Just finding it¬†hard to find any 40 or 50-year-olds who want to fuck an 80-year-old man these days.” ¬†And you write back,¬†¬†“Kris I’m good…but not¬†that¬†good. ¬†But if you’re interested…H is going to be gone for four hours tomorrow¬†afternoon. ¬†Want to try again—for the¬†15 millionth time. ¬†I’m still getting it at 72–but I can try to squeeze you in¬†tomorrow if you want to try to get me off…FINALLY!!!”

Kris:¬†Sent u an email…should make u laugh. Read at lunch if u have time…or after work. Thinking of u…Mwah! Hang in there…few more hours and 2 days off!¬†11:58 AM
Me:¬†Thinking about toys…and what you’d like me to try on your body.¬†12:07 PM
Kris:¬†Hmmmmm….i’ll think about it and let u know. I”m sure your skillful use of a vibrating object would be “intense”….maybe a little too much. But like Goldilocks would b happy (in a selfish u doing me way)¬†to talk u thru while doing to what would feel “just right”. Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! Your idea of fun. u naughty, sassy girl!¬†12:22 PM
Kris:¬†My idea of fun too! ¬†just so u know…like that u think of stuff like that! spoiling me. TRYING to for u too. I know u know that. u tell me. you’re very sweet that way. ūüôā¬†1:15 PM
Kris:¬†Also…we’ve talked about different “to death”…. and how this isnt the “sexual olympics of things that need to be ‘different'” for me to “stay interested”…but just FYI never had a woman use a toy on¬†me…so you’ll be first and it WILL be different and fun and FEEL GOOD! Yum!¬†1:37 PM
Me:¬†I like being first! Wanna try these? “Vibration on balls feels amazing while being sucked or stroked, and anywhere near anus is wonderful. Having a dildo inside your ass at the same rhythm as a hand or mouth,¬†oh geez. Pressed against head of his cock will make him twitch too. Also try nipples.”¬†2:45 PM
Kris:¬†Wow! Sure! ūüôā now just gotta figure out where/when. Hate depending so heavily on your place. Will have more options after next pay day (6/13). Wish we could find similar magic for u. sigh.¬†2:54¬†PM
Kris:¬†Sitting in undies (solid, not plaid) at computer at home TRYING to get work done ahead of time. “Someone’s” distracting me and little “flow” of “something‚ÄĚ started. little wetness. pesky hot¬†texts…shooh!….need to focus… ūüôā¬†3:19 PM
From: Sassy
To: Kris
Sent: Friday, June 6, 2014 6:51 PM
Re: Will you help me find a woman (or fuck me yourself) when I’m 80-years-old?
You are a very strange and wonderful man. ¬†I like that. ūüôā


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