Saturday, May 24, 2014
5/24, 7:31am
Good morning!   Day 1 of 9 off!
5/24, 9:45am Phil
Good morning! Enjoy! 
5/24, 4:05pm
So envious of your beach day!  I’m off to Walmart in the burbs!

5/24, 4:06pm Phil
Enjoying it. Wishing my girl was here
5/24, 4:19pm
5/24, 4:22pm Phil
Yeah I know but missing her. Met a friend of hers, told me she talks about me all the time and has for the last three years or so. Kind of nice.

5/24, 4:35pm Phil
[photo of him at the beach, naked chest and shoulders, sunglasses and huge smile]

5/24, 4:50pm

5/24, 4:59pm Phil
I know you like that
5/24, 4:59pm

5/24, 6:42pm
Picking up food at Olive Garden in Framingham… having a tasty Pomegranate citrus aqua fresca while I wait!

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