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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Kris: Would Thursday instead of Friday work for you for boating? (With or without spending night in room together on Thurs night). Can still do Fri…just a little shorter time available Fri night. Has to do with logistics of renting truck. Will explain details later. 9:48 AM

Me: Good morning hot stuff! Thursday is fine, maybe even a little better. Mwah! Thank you for dealing with details – I am usually the one doing all that! 9:51 AM

Kris: Ok. Waiting to hear back from truck owner to see if it’s available Thurs. If it is do you want to spend night in room Thurs…or go home that night. Or we could still get a room Thurs night…and you could go home “after”. (“After?”…”After what?” she asks coyly). 9:59 AM

Me: Cool. Standing by! Let’s talk more about the room and overnight part. Mwah! 10:08 AM

Kris: Ok! Let you know. Some things to think about while waiting to hear from truck owner. 10:13 AM

Kris: If the weather forecast holds up for next Thurs it’s supposed to be “Partly cloudy…highs in the mid 60s.” On the water it could be a little cool and not sure about comfort of “sex outdoors”. But we’ve got a meet on Tues…so if it was “just” boating on Thurs, that would be ok with me. Whatever you want/decide is fine! 10:20 AM

Kris: Ok…I rented the truck from 8:30 pm Wed thru 8:30 pm on Fri. Thursday boating all day…then you go home that night…or we spend the night together. We could boat again Fri too if you wanted to…since I’ll still have the truck. But rented for 2 days to avoid logistic pressure of having to return truck Fri night. Your choice…lots of options…and whatever you decide/want to do is fine! 11:00 AM

Kris: I meant avoid pressure of having to return truck Thurs night…by keeping till Fri…even if we’re not together Friday. ball’s in your court (and some others will soon be in your hands…wink!) 11:08 AM

Kris: OR…if you want to spend two days boating And overnight Thurs I could take you to my favorite place to boat on Cape…launch in Orleans…on to Fisherman’s Pier in Chatham and back. I know…I’m crazy. But I would SO do it…if you wanted to…OR…to REALLY “freak you out”…let’s throw in a night of camping in my huge luxury tent at a cape campground…instead of a hotel room. Spanky. 11:24 AM

Kris: OR…just a day trip to Cape on Thurs 12:05 PM

Kris: lots of choices! Got all that?! Try to keep up 😉 12:19 PM


Kris: Just finished working out…caught in heavy downpour riding bike from gym to shed. I’m alive! Wanna go for ride in the rain?! Whoohoo!…ride ’em cowboy! 😉 6:33 PM

Me: Hunh – we’re in Framingham and it’s beautiful! Done with a huge Walmart run, waiting for a table at Olive Garden. I adore their sausages! 😉 6:37 PM

Kris: Hmmm…”sausages” eah? I bet! What’s “Hunh”? 6:41 PM

Me: That it’s raining there and nice here. 6:42 PM

Kris: Did you mean “huh” as in “oh”? 6:44 PM
Me: Hunh as in “weird.” 6:47 PM

Kris: Ok…never seen it before…maybe if i heard it…secretly hoping it meant “hun” as in short for “honey”…bein’ as where we have this naked thing goin’ on and all… 6:51 PM

Kris: TEASING! Alfalfa 6:51 PM

Kris: Enjoy dinner…only half done work…ugh…maybe chat later? 6:53 PM

Me: Pomegranate citrus acqua fresca. 7:08 PM

Me: Can you see photo? I forget if your phone can do that. 7:08 PM

Kris: Not sure…u could try. 7:12 PM

Me: I just did. 🙂 7:13 PM

Kris: With text that asked if i can see it?…i can access internet…and maybe open pics attached to emails ( though never tried)…home now and about to go on laptop to do work…could u attach to email?…i think i know u well enough to guess what it is 😉 7:20 PM

Kris: R u still up/online? 11:29 PM

Me: Yes. 11:29 PM

Kris: Have a question…b on in minute. 11:30 PM

·       May 24 11:34 PM Kris: Hi!
·       May 24 11:35 PM Sassy: Hiya!
·       May 24 11:36 PM Kris: question about herpes cold sores
·       May 24 11:36 PM Kris: have you ever had one on your gums?
·       May 24 11:36 PM Sassy: no
·       May 24 11:36 PM Kris: where have they been?
·       May 24 11:37 PM Sassy: lips mostly, once between my upper lip and my nose
·       May 24 11:37 PM Sassy: after I had a bad cold and had been blowing my nose a lot
·       May 24 11:39 PM Kris: I’m probably just being paranoid…but my wife has a really sore bulge on her gums that looks like a cold sore
·       May 24 11:39 PM Sassy: Oh dear. Sorry to hear that.
·       May 24 11:39 PM Sassy: She’s never had that before?
·       May 24 11:40 PM Kris: I don’t think so
·       May 24 11:40 PM Sassy: Never heard of them inside the mouth
·       May 24 11:41 PM Kris: I thought they were inside the mouth…like inside cheeks or lips
·       May 24 11:41 PM Sassy: not on me
·       May 24 11:41 PM Kris: you mean on outside?
·       May 24 11:43 PM Sassy: I only get them outside.
·       May 24 11:43 PM Sassy: Canker sores show up inside. Not contagious. http://www.webmd.com/oral-health/ss/slideshow-mouth-problems
·       May 24 11:45 PM Kris: ok…probably worrying for nothing.
·       May 24 11:45 PM Kris: so wassup?
·       May 24 11:45 PM Sassy: Very quiet.
·       May 24 11:45 PM Kris: what…online stuff?
·       May 24 11:46 PM Sassy: Yes
·       May 24 11:46 PM Sassy: You finish your work?
·       May 24 11:46 PM Kris: meaning not a lot of people showing up
·       May 24 11:46 PM Kris: in chat?
·       May 24 11:47 PM Sassy: There was one guy for about 10 min.
·       May 24 11:47 PM Sassy: It’s raining buckets there
·       May 24 11:47 PM Sassy: 4.5 inches in an hour
·       May 24 11:47 PM Kris: wow
·       May 24 11:49 PM Kris: to answer your question…yes finished work. almost went to bed right after but then wife showed me that…glad I’m on here for a little bit with you.
·       May 24 11:49 PM Sassy: It is a lovely way to end the day.
·       May 24 11:50 PM Sassy: Sweetie honey sugar pie.
·       May 24 11:50 PM Kris: ha ha
·       May 24 11:51 PM Kris: I should have done this before going off the deep end with boating plans and renting truck…but pray the frigin boat starts up and runs ok. didn’t start it yet…but will tomorrow.
·       May 24 11:51 PM Sassy: Good thought.
·       May 24 11:51 PM Sassy: I bought sunblock. 
·       May 24 11:52 PM Kris: hopefully it starts.  if it doesn’t…the whole thing is off…but hope it starts…it should.  I have it winterized by a Marina every fall…so it should…but one year I had a problem…hopefully ok…I’ll find out tomorrow after church.
·       May 24 11:53 PM Sassy: I’ll send “start up vibes”
·       May 24 11:53 PM Kris: ok…lol
·       May 24 11:54 PM Kris: I didn’t check…did you email the pic you tried to text me…I bet I can guess what it was.
·       May 24 11:54 PM Sassy: I bet you can’t. It didn’t seem important
·       May 24 11:55 PM Kris: I bet it was a pic of a sausage you were eating at the Olive Garden…
·       May 24 11:55 PM Sassy: That is a very good guess!
·       May 24 11:55 PM Sassy: I never got to eat it… it’s in my fridge.
·       May 24 11:55 PM Kris: was that it?
·       May 24 11:55 PM Sassy: The photo was of a tall glass with a pomegranate citrus acqua Fresca drink, no alcohol
·       May 24 11:56 PM Kris: that you had at the Olive Garden?
·       May 24 11:56 PM Sassy: Yes
·       May 24 11:56 PM Kris: did you email it to me?
·       May 24 11:56 PM Sassy: No
·       May 24 11:57 PM Kris: ok…well I’ll just use my imagination…sounds yummie…have a good visit with your mom?
·       May 24 11:57 PM Sassy: I’ll email it right now
From: Sassy
To: Kris
Sent: May 24, 2014 11:58 pm 
Subject: Pretty fruity drink
·       May 24 11:57 PM Kris: ok
·       May 24 11:58 PM Sassy: Didn’t see Mom today
·       May 24 11:58 PM Sassy: She had my niece with her overnight. That was enough excitement
·       May 24 11:59 PM Kris: whist did you do then?
·       May 25 12:00 AM Sassy: I had a weird night last night.. stayed up until 3 am doing stuff around the house, opened the mail that had piled up since Feb., balanced my checkbook
·       May 25 12:00 AM Sassy: then I woke up at 6:30 am and couldn’t fall back to sleep fretting about job crap
·       May 25 12:00 AM Sassy: So I got up and did more stuff until about 11 am, then went back to bed until 3 PM
·       May 25 12:01 AM Sassy: then Hubby and I went out to Framingham to stock up on stuff from Walmart
·       May 25 12:01 AM Sassy: and go to Olive Garden
·       May 25 12:01 AM Sassy: He had a meltdown midway thru dinner, so we packed up the entrees and came home
·       May 25 12:03 AM Kris: meltdown as in just got upset for no apparent reason and announced he wanted to go home?
·       May 25 12:03 AM Sassy: He realized he forgot a project meeting.
·       May 25 12:04 AM Sassy: He was castigating himself, getting very upset
·       May 25 12:04 AM Kris: was the meeting today?
·       May 25 12:04 AM Sassy: 7 PM
·       May 25 12:04 AM Kris: did he call the person?
·       May 25 12:04 AM Sassy: He tried. no answer. So he texted.
·       May 25 12:04 AM Kris: will it be ok?
·       May 25 12:05 AM Sassy: Yes
·       May 25 12:05 AM Kris: but he went on and on…not like you…when you forget me some day and say “oh well, he’ll get over it”
·       May 25 12:06 AM Sassy: He got completely silent
·       May 25 12:06 AM Sassy: Stopped eating
·       May 25 12:06 AM Sassy: texted his GF
·       May 25 12:07 AM Sassy: I was mostly full from the breadsticks and soup and salad, and I didn’t want to sit there watching him text. So I suggested we pack up the food and leave and he jumped on that.
·       May 25 12:07 AM Kris: that doesn’t sound like what I would call a “meltdown”…sounds like a normal reaction to forgetting something important
·       May 25 12:08 AM Sassy: He completely shuts down.  It is not fun
·       May 25 12:08 AM Kris: shuts down as in you can’t talk to him at all?
·       May 25 12:08 AM Sassy: Right
·       May 25 12:08 AM Kris: do you bother trying…to talk to him?
·       May 25 12:08 AM Sassy: Yes
·       May 25 12:09 AM Kris: he just doesn’t answer?
·       May 25 12:09 AM Sassy: He just stares into space
·       May 25 12:09 AM Kris: you say he’s a little “spacy” in general…has he forgotten meets like that before?
·       May 25 12:10 AM Sassy: No. He is scrupulous about his calendar.
·       May 25 12:10 AM Kris: so forgetting must have REALLY upset him
·       May 25 12:11 AM Sassy: Yes. It was not on his calendar, or I would have planned around it, reminded him
·       May 25 12:11 AM Sassy: I do not understand who told them it was okay to meet on a Saturday night of a holiday weekend…
·       May 25 12:11 AM Kris: why?
·       May 25 12:12 AM Sassy: People go away, have dates, it’s not the time for a working meeting
·       May 25 12:14 AM Kris: by “people” you mean “married couples” and by “working meeting” you mean affair meets?
·       May 25 12:16 AM Sassy: No. Anyone. and I mean a meeting of the people working together on a project to go over details
·       May 25 12:16 AM Kris: oh…so it was a business meeting…not a date?
·       May 25 12:17 AM Sassy: right
·       May 25 12:17 AM Kris: oh…but it was his GF?
·       May 25 12:17 AM Sassy: no, he was texting her to blow off steam
·       May 25 12:18 AM Kris: oh…gotcha
·       May 25 12:18 AM Kris: anyhow…what was so upsetting at work that had you going even into today?
·       May 25 12:18 AM Sassy: I’m trying to forget about it
·       May 25 12:18 AM Kris: ok…we can talk about something else
·       May 25 12:19 AM Sassy: There were about a dozen things but the two bigs ones are she changed my job description, piling on accounting tasks that I am not trained for, don’t want to do and am not good at
·       May 25 12:19 AM Sassy: And she is taking away the partition at the front of my desk that gives me a modicum of privacy
·       May 25 12:20 AM Sassy: It means I desperately need a new job
·       May 25 12:20 AM Kris: uh oh…not good
·       May 25 12:20 AM Sassy: She is setting me up to fail
·       May 25 12:20 AM Kris: do you think she understands that at all?
·       May 25 12:21 AM Sassy: Oh yes.  I told her
·       May 25 12:21 AM Kris: what she say?
·       May 25 12:22 AM Sassy: And she sprang all of on me right before I leave for 9 days
·       May 25 12:22 AM Sassy: Too bad
·       May 25 12:22 AM Kris: what exactly did you say…how did you say it?
·       May 25 12:24 AM Kris: we don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to…sometimes it helps to be able to vent…sometimes better not to…up to you…I’m here…
·       May 25 12:25 AM Sassy: Thank you. I can’t think about it right now or I won’t sleep again. You are very good to try to help.
·       May 25 12:25 AM Kris: ok…let’s not talk about it now then…maybe another time…when you don’t have to sleep right away…
·       May 25 12:26 AM Sassy: Yes.
·       May 25 12:26 AM Kris: are u tired?
·       May 25 12:26 AM Sassy: Oddly not
·       May 25 12:26 AM Kris: maybe cuz you slept earlier?
·       May 25 12:26 AM Sassy: Only got 3 hrs and then another 3 hours… should be a wreck
·       May 25 12:27 AM Sassy: and dragged groceries around and drove a lot in the rain…
·       May 25 12:27 AM Sassy: But I’ve been writing, that helps
·       May 25 12:27 AM Kris: bout what?
·       May 25 12:28 AM Sassy: SEX!
·       May 25 12:28 AM Kris: fantasies…stories…like the one you sent me before?
·       May 25 12:29 AM Sassy: yes. Should I sent it for you to read later?
·       May 25 12:29 AM Kris: sure!…anything I can learn from it?…other than how rich your imagination is?
·       May 25 12:30 AM Sassy: I don’t know… maybe
·       May 25 12:30 AM Sassy: It’s about a man and a woman on a mountain.
·       May 25 12:30 AM Sassy: It has photos!
·       May 25 12:31 AM Kris: naked ones?
·       May 25 12:31 AM Sassy: Maybe
·       May 25 12:32 AM Kris: meaning I’ll have to open it to see?
·       May 25 12:32 AM Sassy: Ayup
·       May 25 12:32 AM Kris: k!
·       May 25 1:11 AM Sassy: I should try to go back to sleep.
·       May 25 1:12 AM Kris: Sleep well “hun” 
·       May 25 1:12 AM Sassy: Sweet sexy dreams!

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