Morning snuggle

Friday, May 23, 2014
Me: Good morning! Thanks for the goodnight hug… soooo sexy! I fell asleep at 8 pm! Oops. Woke up at 6 am. Here’s your morning snuggle, with a kiss and my hand between your legs! 8:13 AM

Kris: Good morning naughty girl! Just rented a truck through to tow boat next Friday. Be interesting to see if I can move my boat early enough that day to escape wife’s notice. If not, I’ll tell her I’m going fishing with a friend (you’re a friend–right?). She’ll be pissed cuz of money, but oh well…can live with that…she’s usually pissed about one thing or another.  I don’t care (“callous” male that I am). Hope today goes smoothly for ya!10:17 AM

Me: Hiya! Thanks for message! Helps make a boring meeting BETTER! 11:18 AM

Kris: 🙂 11:20 AM

Me: Fyi – I will be home alone on Tuesday 10 am to 2 pm. Hubby has a date. 11:22 AM

Kris: Then you’ll have plenty of time alone to rest…unless u want someone to come over and “bother u”… (teasing!)…just checked…can be there then…u should email me an “example” of kinds of things you like to hear…”story” I could tell u…while we’re lying on your bed stark naked…trying AGAIN (argh!) to get u off! (U can laugh now…brighten your day…I’m good for THAT at least!). 11:42 AM

Me: You are cordially invited to join me at home on Tuesday! I’ll work on talk topics and we can settle other details. It gives me something to smile about so I don’t strangle the boss! She is in fine form 1:31 PM

Kris: “Cordially invited”…my, my we’re prim and proper today. Don’t strangle boss (unless jail allows conjugal visits…and I can meet u there). Glad to give u little “diversion”…day will b over soon. Here’s a link to map of islands in Boston Harbor we can visit on Friday. Upper left corner on map u see Charles River goes past Museum of Sci (under 93) past Long Wharf North, past Fan Pier, into Boston Inner Harbor into Boston Harbor. Any islands with a public dock (little white rectangle attached to island) we can stop at. Islands include: Spectacle, Lovells, Little Brewster (Boston Light), Gallops, Georges, Peddocks, Bumpkin, and Grape. Take your pick(s)! Link: 1:50 PM

Kris: Or for more info on Boston Harbor Islands in general: In case something in particular interest you…like island with fort or something. 2:06 PM

Kris: Spelled wrong. Its: 2:08 PM

Kris: I could spend next Friday night…after all day of boating…in a room with you. Boat, eat, fuck in comfy room, eat, sleep together all night…get up Saturday and go about our usual days. I’ve got wife’s permission for an “overnight fishing trip”! When wife asks what I caught I’ll say: “Goin’ for ‘Big O’s’…but they were only nibbling.”. Let me worry about money, details, logistics. All u have to decide is: “Wanna?” Alfalfa. 4:41 PM

Kris: We could make it my “perfect fantasy date/meet” by taking a bike ride Saturday morning… as bike will be parked nearby at house of truck owner. 4:57 PM

Kris: TEASING! I thought u were going to have a heart attack last weekend…literally shaking…just sitting on it. Baby steps toward the first slow, gentle, safe ride…and NO I would never just “take off” without your permission. 5:04 PM

Me: My goodness! You got a roll there… fun to see your fantasies roll out! Thank you ever so much for including me in them. Let me ponder this overnight. I had a VERY HARD DAY tm and need to turn my brain mostly off to survive. *sigh 7:20 PM

Kris: I understand…completely. Even a “normal” last day of the week can be tiring. Sorry yours was especially hard. Almost didn’t send all that…so as to not overwhelm. But you’ve got good self-care skills. So I figured you might do just what you did…or not even reply till tomorrow. Rest, sleep well, reply to my craziness when you can. No rush…plus the whole thing is “weather permitting”…which they won’t even dare to start “predicting” till tomorrow. Maybe chat tomorrow night…if you’re up for it. 9:02 PM

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