Divorce is expensive

Tuesday, May 20, 2014
5/20, 8:25am
Good morning hot stuff!
5/20, 8:38am Phil
Good morning. Off to do an initial consult with the lawyer today. Find out how bad a financial hit I will take.        
5/20, 8:43am Phil
I have a woman who has been pampered and pretty much been able to do anything she likes, who has given very little back. So why do I feel bad about walking out? Fred is such a loving, tender person and my wife is so not. Fred just makes me feel happy.  My wife in general pisses me off. I did not miss her when I left before and she admitted to being deceptive and just mean. I guess I have grown accustomed to this and accepted that it’s what life is all about. It’s still a hard thing.
5/20, 1:38pm
Hope the lawyer had better news that you thought.  You have gotten through hard things.  You will get through this.  You are not alone this time.     
5/20, 2:13pm Phil
I go at 4:30. Everyone always says, you don’t look miserable but you try to tell people, that’s not a reason to stay married. You don’t have to hate the person. My wife and I enjoy dinner and wineries but how much more fun to sip wine with your hand on your babies ass, to ride the bike with her deliberately dropping her hand to your crotch or rubbing an amazing rack on ur back. To party and get a little hammered and take a cab home, be a little crazy. Everyone wants to treat you like a total ass. I want the best for my wife, I want her to find a man who adores her and wants to move to Fla and live next to Disney.  I want the foot rubs, the laughter, boating and fishing. Mind blowing sex. I want that so badly. Want to spend the day on a boat drinking beer, relaxing fishing and not with my buddies but with a woman I’m crazy about.

5/20, 2:33pm Phil
you’d think I threw her out in the cold or something rather than letting her keep a house, the savings, the time share, furniture, everything plus half my pension a year in income
5/20, 2:51pm
You don’t have to justify this change.  You don’t have to convince people.  If they care about you, say it’s right for you and they will be happy for you.  If not… keep moving.  Focus on her and you and the amazing future!

5/20, 7:06pm
The Ninety Nine makes the best fried chicken!  Had a great dinner with Mom.

5/20, 7:15pm Phil
Going to cost me half my retirement plus at least 2k/month on top of that and she can drag it out for 2 1/2 years. Wow! Best case is a divorce in 8 months, worst case is 2 1/2 years with 50k in legal bills. Unbelievable!

I’m stunned! I expected half my retirement a month and out in six months.

It’s more money and she can break me financially if she wants to

5/20, 8:56pm Phil
Think I’ll still take the red head

5/20, 9:05pm
I have two thoughts.  What if you don’t divorce, just leave?   Or is there some leverage you can put into the settlement to incentivize her to sign and not contest?

Ask the lawyer to be creative.   Or talk to another one?

Also, may seem like a lot but us cheaper than all her usual spending?

So glad to hear it didn’t dissuade you!

5/20, 9:08pm Phil
Gonna talk to another lawyer. Did not like this guy at all. Either way, I choose the girl and how she makes me feel

5/20, 9:09pm
I have a friend in chat who got quotes from 3 lawyers – varied by a lot.

5/20, 9:10pm Phil
I put my feet on chair outside tonight, wife went ewww, Fred would have just started rubbing just to watch my eyes roll back.
I did not like the lawyer. Big titted receptionist falling out of her blouse though

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  2. Wish I were so lucky. I stand to be homeless in a few months and I gave my husband the best years and worked my but off.
    On the other hand…..
    his wife provided an image, a family, what he needed to advance his career.

  3. I kind of like the idea of just doing whatever you want and let her choose or not choose to deal with it!

  4. Prof4fun says:

    Agree but given that this affair is early, he should hold off on any haste decisions. A few weeks ago, it was all about the beach gal.

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