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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Kris: If u take next week off I’d like to scheme a way to spend the day boating with you on Fri, 5/30. launch into Charles River at Watertown launch, down river to Boston, through water lock at Museum of Science, out into Boston Harbor, on to a popular island (forget the name) for a picnic lunch, back not to late to “fool around” in boat under cover anchored on Charles? your place? watcha think!?  🙂 10:57 AM


From: Kris
To: Sassy
Sent: May 20, 2014 11:26 AM
Re: Sleepy Sassy
Understand!….hope you slept well hard-working Sassy!
Chatty Kris

Me: Hiya Kris! Hope your Tuesday is going well. So impressed with you planning a special day for us! Sounds incredible!! I’ll hold back my fear of getting fried to a crisp or renewing my very rusty swimming skills and trust you to take care of me. 1:04 PM

Kris: Bingo! This might seem weird, but your trust turns me on. less risk boating than “swimming in you” I’ll take good care of you – no harm…much less scary than bike for u…you’ll see! only condition is weather…needs to be rain-free…thanks for being so adventurous! 1:23 PM

Kris: Last night the first thing my wife said when i walked in at 11:30 was: “Do you have a girlfriend…you’re out late every night.” I wanted to say…”No, having two affairs…but one’s with a motorcycle.” Plan to tell her about the bike on my birthday…June 21. She’ll NEVER know about you…don’t worry. 1:39 PM

Me: Uh oh. A suspicious wife is BAD. What did you say? Scale back and be extra careful! They’ll start checking things they’ve never checked when they’re like that. 2:06 PM

Kris: no…she won’t…it’s not like that…i probably shouldn’t have told u…since you’re a little “shell-shocked”…picking up bike to ride to work…last session tonight cancelled so can try to get home earlier to chat if u want…b hard to leave my other girlfriend (“Hussy Davidson”)…but I’ll tell her I have paperwork to do at the office… 😉 2:15 PM

Me: FYI – Hubby has a date Wed. Night – will be gone from 7:15 pm on 5:17 PM

Kris: I stopped my bike along the road and lost something…as i was walking around in leather head to foot…with helmet on…some young chick in fast car “cat called” me as she drove by…didn’t know I was an old bald guy who looked bad in leather…but wasn’t such a good fuck in bed…sure you want to subject yourself to more? I’ll cancel last session tomorrow night to give myself time to get there right after hubby leaves…if you’re really that much of a glutton for punishment… 😉 7:37 PM

Me: That’s just what you wanted, right? To be the hot biker dude? Stop talking yourself down! I want YOU! I’m so excited you can visit! 7:47 PM

Kris: ok… 🙂 8:16 PM

Kris: just dropped bike off…wide awake but too late to chat…going to watch a little tv and listen to wife…stay out of trouble…bed early…need rest for “workout” tomorrow night… 😉 10:31 PM

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