Sassy shows up

Monday, May 19, 2014

Me: Good morning! I forgot to ask you about the concert! I hope you had a wonderful time. So many great moments yesterday!!!! Busy day for you? 10:41 AM
Kris: The previous text is so long on my phone it will display just the first few lines…then say “more”…which i have to click on it read the whole thing…hope u could read the whole “novtext” (LOL)…Last words I wrote were: ” ‘S’ had definitely showed up!”. Hope u could read to that sentence. If not, let me know – I”ll resend in shorter “chunks”.  to reply now to your text. 11:13 AM
Me: Hmmm… there was no previous text! Waaah! 11:15 AM
Kris: Many good moments for me to remember too. You DID ask about the concert…when we were chatting…briefly Friday right after it…just your diligently “accommodating” unselfish self asking again here…to answer: concert was great!…not too busy today. want me to. rwend my “novtext” here in short junks…or in an email?5 11:27 AM
Me: Email is fine. Do you want the photos from yesterday? Here or email? 11:28 AM
Kris: Sure!..send pics…email is better. I’ll email the “novtext” u didnt get (probly cuz it was too long!…lol). i’ll try to refrain from adding and turning into full- blown novel…will just type what i texted…which will be hard…gabby man that I can be (except when u WANT me to be—during sex—which i’ll try to work on… ;). ANYHOW…How’s YOUR day goin’? 11:40 AM


From: Sassy
To: Kris
Sent: Monday, May 19, 2015 11:55 am
Subject: Photos
Here are 5 photos taken yesterday:
1) You on your bike
2) I am on the bike with you!
3) Here I am again! With you! On the bike! 
4) Here’s both of us!  Taken by the nice man! 
5) Here’s another one of us taken by the nice man! 
From: Kris
To: Sassy
Sent: May 19, 2014 12:13 PM
Subject: text you didn’t get earlier
Hi Sassy Girl!
Here’s the text you didn’t get earlier:
Mt Auburn Cemetary IS beautiful and interesting historically.  And while I would be happy to “indulge” you in order to see you enjoy yourself…even if it were something that “wasn’t so much my thing”….I really LIKED the cemetary.  You felt a little “subdued” there…which is why I asked “who was I with: ‘Sassy’ or ‘the demure lady'”?  I felt more ‘DL’…which was fine.  Except at one point, as it started to get late, I wondered if we were even going to have sex.  But shortly after we got back to your place ‘S’ made it clear right away that she wasn’t going to be deprived of her turn!  “Maybe it won’t be great..but it’s better than nothing” she thought to herself as she aggressively unzipped my fly and ever-so-skillfully pulled out my cock….rubbing, stroking, humming (in enjoyment), looking at it, watching it grow, looking at me watching what she was doing….’S’ had definitely shown up!”
That was it!
And you know I’m not going to be able to resist adding just one more little “tease”.  So how “accommodating” (DL) and “adventurous” (S) ARE you?   VROOM….VROOM…(my next “mission”)… ; ) 
Long deep hot kiss, Kris


Kris: Just want to make sure…did u get last text saying email pics? 12:25 PM
Kris: Never mind…just got them…thanks! 12:27 PM
Kris: Emailed text u never got to wrong email address at first (yours but misspelled)…forwarded to correct one…hope u got it 12:41 PM
Me: Hiya hot stuff! I got your long text in email. Busy day! Just endured the weekly staff meeting. Hoping it gets better from here! 2:12 PM
Kris: You’re so sweet…the way u put up with my endless babbling. At storage shed picking up bike to ride to work…gym from 7:30-9:30…home around 10-10:30. Hope the rest of your day is quiet. Mwah! 3:38 PM
From: Sassy 
To: Kris
Sent: Monday, May 19, 2014 9:57 PM
Hiya Kris!  I wanted to read more of your words but I can not resist the call of the bed… have a lovely evening and I will talk to you tomorrow. 
-Sleepy Sassy


Kris: Just putting bike back…rode around in the rain for awhile after working out…no helmet…rain in face on top of head…makes me feel so alive…like how u fucked me on top toward end of time together yesterday…so far “no bridge burned”… not thinking of risk…probably should be…but not much…like riding in the rain…pleasure overriding the risk…b home around 11:30…which i’m assuming is too late to chat…mwah! 11:05 PM

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