Putty in her hands

Monday, May 19, 2014

5/19, 4:13am Phil
Got my world rocked! How bout you?
5/19, 7:36am
Good morning!  Sounds like you had fun.  Me too!

5/19, 7:42am Phil
Oh lord

5/19, 7:45am         
: )

5/19, 7:58am Phil

Glad you had a fun nite. I got way more than I was expecting.
5/19, 10:16am Phil
I’m chaffed and sore, got scratch marks and bite marks. Holy shit.

I said we’re not doing this, she said oh yes we are, dropped her pants and bent over. I lost my self control        

5/19, 10:49am Phil
Have a great day Sass!
[him smiling at me]
5/19, 10:50am
About time.  Are you packing?
5/19, 10:50am Phil
Ha, lawyer tomorrow. Looking for a place

I was trying to be good, she got tired of good, took matters into her own hand.  

5/19, 10:55am
She sounds perfect for you.  Why can’t you move in with her?

5/19, 12:11pm Phil
She has a roommate who owns the house. Be much easier if she had her own place
5/19, 9:36pm Phil
Hope you had a great evening

[photo of Fred and him cuddling]
5/19, 9:41pm Phil
This does not suck
5/19, 9:41pm
Aww… you two look so happy!  Sorry I missed your calls.  Was stuck in the office, then in the car with Hubby.  You leave fun messages!!  Thanks.

5/19, 9:45pm Phil
That pic was before she turned me inside out and upside down. I was literally putty in her hands. It been a long time since I made that much noise and begged. I can’t describe how it feels to have your feet rubbed with lotion and then the rest of me rubbed with lotion and I was trying so hard to be good and she said fuck that. I want that right here. How do you argue with that?
5/19, 9:46pm
You deserve it!  Smart sexy lady!
5/19, 9:48pm Phil
: )

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