Boating fantasies

Wednesday, May 28, 2014
Kris: I had a little fantasy about some things I was doing with u in the boat tomorrow morning (other than sight-seeing). I stopped the boat somewhere on the Charles and anchored it…before going out into the harbor. It’s sunny, warm, quiet…the boat is only gently rocking. I put a rain canopy on the boat..and two boat covers over that to create a private space. There’s still some small open spaces to see out…but boats passing by can’t see what we’re doing. I put some patio chair pillows on the boat floor for comfortably sitting or kneeling on. We do things. Thinking about some of them made me hard for my whole shower this morning. But I didn’t take care of myself… cuz I’m waiting for you to. Maybe later I’ll email fantasy-thoughts of how…and feel free to add your own… 😉 7:02 AM

Kris: I thought of something else you could bring…Email me a bunch of your stories. I’ll read them after lunch on my laptop…sitting with you on Spectacle Island. 🙂 7:05 AM

Me: Good morning! Mmm…nice to wake up to your fantasy! 8:44 AM

Kris: 🙂  Morning! fill in/add your own. 🙂 9:04 AM

Kris: Always up real early…but not always rested. just pulled into office parking lot…don’t have to go in right away…so taking power nap in car. rain made me sleepy…in a bit of melancholy mood…listening to country music (102.5 FM) which i almost never do…closing my eyes…power nap…wish my head was on your voluptuous chest…your fingers gently caressing my head… zzzzzzzzzz 9:24 AM

Kris: Time to make the donuts…ugh…but about 8 hours from now…after work ends…playtime starts! Hope you’re feeling better…can find some pleasure, fun, rest today…whatever you need. Hug & kiss… Kris. 10:08 AM

Kris: Survived another meeting with supervisor – actually quite positive…which is nice for a change (usually in some sort of trouble–rascal that I am). Off to work. 2:19 PM

Kris: R u feeling any better…having any fun…relaxing? 2:20 PM

Kris: Out of work! Going to pick up truck…finish packing up and get ready for tomorrow! 6:06 PM

Kris: How r u feeling? 6:06 PM

Me: A little better! What time should I be ready tomorrow? 6:14 PM

Kris: Anywhere from 8-10…pick a time. Not feeling 100%? 6:19 PM

Me: 8:30 am. I’m supposed to bring chocolates, and sunblock, dress warmly… what else? Do you have water? 6:21 PM

Kris: Yes…have water. Bring toys…lube…just in case. 😉 6:24 PM

Kris: Have Ranch & Poppy Seed dressings for veggies…do u like either of those? 6:26 PM

Me: Am I likely to get wet, so I should bring my rain jacket? 6:26 PM

Me: Ranch is awesome! 6:27 PM

Kris: I hope you get wet…if wearing a rain jacket helps u get off…by all means bring it! 6:29 PM

Kris: Teasing! 6:30 PM

Me: Ha ha… seriously… is there a lot of splash etc? 6:31 PM

Kris: No…u just need to be warm…won’t get wet. 6:31 PM

Kris: You can sit on the bow on the river…it’s calm. Going faster in the harbor behind the 6:33 PM

Kris: …behind the windshield is dry…no need for raincoat. 6:35 PM

Kris: never answered…not feeling 100%? 6:41 PM

Me: I still feel crappy. Having some soup. Praying I wake up better! 6:44 PM

Kris: if u didnt want to go we’d both be disappointed…but don’t want u to get more sick…seriously. 6:50 PM

Me: I really really want to go! Figure it can’t really hurt, sunshine might help. 6:51 PM

Kris: ok…prepare to b pampered…we’ll only do what u really feel up to…including not having sex…assuming you’re still not finished with me…wouldn’t be the end of the world if all we did was hang out, sight see, eat, cuddle, hug…whatever…i’ll be fine…we’ll see how u feel tomorrow. 6:58 PM

Me: Thank you! You are so good. I am so ready to be better! And have some fun! 7:01 PM

Kris: 🙂 !!! 7:01 PM

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