Meet #8 The Cemetery

Sunday, May 18, 2014 
Kris: Here comes the sun, here comes the sun And I say it’s all right. Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter, Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here. Here comes the sun, here comes the sun And I say it’s all right. The Beatles 7:26 AM

Kris: Partly sunny. A slight chance of showers this afternoon. Highs in the upper 60s. Frisky winds. Chance of sexy sass 100%! 7:50 AM

Me: Good morning! My my… you are bouncy today! Can’t wait for you to bounce on me! 11:22 AM

Kris: About 10 minutes away. Stopped for minute…see u soon! 12:40 PM

Me: I’m at the restaurant waiting outside 12:54 PM


Sunday, May 18, 2014

I invited Kris to my place.  To extend our time together, he wanted to go out to for a cheap lunch.  And he wanted to do something outside.  I thought and thought… finally came up with a plan.  

He met me at Greek Corner.  As usual, he was late.  He showed up on his new motorcycle, got me to sit on it.  He talked a passerby into taking our photo!  I took a bunch of other photos. It was so fun to see him on that fancy machine.  It’s massive! Hee!  

We went inside and ate lunch.  I ordered an avegolemono (lemon chicken rice) soup and a gyro.  He got the same!  We talked and talked.  We shares a galactoburiko for dessert. He had never had any of those dishes. I forgot to take any food photos!  

I drove over to Mount Auburn Cemetery.  He followed me on his motorcycle.  We parked near Spruce Knoll and I showed him my Dad’s gravestone.  We sat on the wooden bench in the center to smooch a bit, then we walked around the Halcyon Lake where Mary Baker Eddy is buried.  We strolled over to the Auburn Lake and back to the vehicles.  I gave him a tour of the other parts of the cemetery in my car.  The trees and flowers are so beautiful!

He followed me to my place.  My husband did not wait outside for me to give him the car as I had told him, but when I drove by to let my guy into the garage, he decided he had misunderstood and walked to the garage!  So I was waiting out front, wondering where he had gone, and he was meeting my guy!  Oh my!  

Hubby finally appeared out front, said he’d run into my guy in the garage!  They shook hands, introduced themselves and allowed as how I tried not to have that happen but it was no big deal.  Phew!  Hubby said my guy was very nice.  I gave him the car and he took off.  I rushed to the garage – Kris was waiting at the elevator with a bemused look.  He reported that he’d run into my husband and said it boggled his mind but turned out fine.  We went upstairs.  

I got him a glass of water and we had a lovely kiss and hug in the kitchen then strolled right into the bedroom.  He was eating an orange.  I undid his belt, unzipped his jeans and smiled at his plaid cotton boxers.  I pulled his cock out, stroked it and sucked on it a little.  We shucked off our clothes and tumbled into bed.  There was a lot of kissing then he worked his way down my body and gave me a lovely licking!

He crawled back up the bed and played with my chest, then donned a condom and tried to fuck me deck chair style, but I couldn’t breathe.  So he rolled me over and pulled me to the edge of the bed to do it doggie style.  But he couldn’t stay hard.  He collapsed in frustration and we talked for a while.  

He asked if he could be selfish and have a blow job.  I asked him to wash off the latex/lube so he got up to do that.  He lay flat and I started sucking on him.  

I got this evil idea.  I wanted to test out if it was just the condom giving him a problem.  I was very bad and crawled up his body, told him I wanted to play with myself using his cock. I rubbed him up and down my slit, then shifted slightly and got him inside me bareback.  Damn it felt so good.  He didn’t fight me, didn’t say anything, just slammed upward as I bounced downward.  Yum.  He stayed hard just fine.  As my knees began to ache, I pulled him into my mouth and got him to cum. He asked to be sure I wanted that, then closed his eyes in pleasure, moaned and came hard.  He kissed me and held me.  

Then the questions started… what had I been thinking?  Did I do that on purpose?  Why?  Oh… it had felt so good.  He pondered the risks.  So… him.  He said he was cold, put on his shirt and boxers and crawled under the covers.  I crawled in next to him and warmed him up.  He told me it was very hot that I trusted him, that I would take the risk to please him.  

We nibbled on chocolates.  I had saved them from the hotel meet in Salem, NH.  I told him my name.  It’s seemed like time.  

He asked me about whether I’d tell him if I meet other men.  I promised to.  And asked that he do the same.  He said it was very unlikely.  I rubbed his back and his legs and his chest.  He got very quiet and I asked what he was thinking.  He said he wanted me again. He popped on another condom, and got on top of me but that wasn’t working, so I asked him to lie beside me.  He bent at the waist and came up underneath me and was inside me!  We moved back and forth… wonderful squishing sounds!  

My sister called at 9:30 pm.  I didn’t answer my mobile.  She called the landline!  I answered and told her I was busy.  She got it right away and asked me to call her later.  He asked if she knows about my life and I said she does in general.  He noticed the time and said he had to scoot.  So I helped him collect his stuff and get out the door.  One more hot kiss and hug and he was gone. 


Kris: Thank you Sassy [my first name]…for trusting me…letting me deeper in you…fucking me intimately and most excellently…and being patient with my efforts to get you off. Everything I’ve told u is true. I know you’ve heard that before…but it is. Almost home…stopped at a Redbox to rent movie….will watch with wife when I get home. Sleep well…Mwah! 10:52 PM

Me: You are most welcome Kris! Thank you for lunch, for indulging me sharing one of my favorite places and for all the rest. I am eating pizza and smiling. Sweet dreams! 10:57 PM

Kris: :)… “And I don’t mind stealing a last kiss before I die” (from “Last Kiss” by Joe Bonamassa). but not dying tonight! putting bike in shed now. someday you’ll trust me to give you a ride. Now that I know your real name I’ll make that my next “mission.”  I’m nothing if not persistent! (Determined to get that “sex thingy” right too…since I seem to be getting so many chances 😉 11:20 PM

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