“Meet my dad”

Sunday, May 18, 2014
5/18, 10:08am Phil
Started my day here holding a red head

[beautiful water scene at sunrise]
5/18, 10:08am Phil
Have a great one!      
5/18, 10:30am Phil
You ladies enjoy the horse race?      
5/18, 10:38am
Wow!  What a gorgeous spot!  It makes me smile so much to see you happy.
5/18, 10:40am
The race was fun!  Always great to have the possibility of a Triple Crown winner!  Have you been reading about this horse?  He is owned by “Dumb Ass Partners” with a donkey on the silks, as people told his co-owners they were idiots to spend $8k on a horse.  They are laughing all the way to the bank.
5/18, 10:41am
I have a meet today with my guy.  We’re going to eat Greek food then go for a walk in Mt Auburn Cemetery so he can “meet my dad.”  Then come back to my house for “dessert.”

5/18, 10:42am Phil
Lovely! Have fun!

Love the story about the horse. I’m going to go read it!

5/18, 3:41pm
Cemetery was looking good today!  They plant the most beautiful trees and flowers.


5/18, 9:59pm Phil

Dear God!      
5/18, 10:35pm
Dear God what?

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