Big thumb

Friday, May 16, 2014
5/16, 7:56am
Good morning Philip! TGIF!

5/16, 9:25am Phil
Heard that!       
5/16, 9:48am Phil
Looking forward to the weekend. Moving slowly with Fred cause I think that’s the right way. A little fondling and grab adding and knee buckling kisses but otherwise slow. Rediscovering that we can spend four hours chatting and enjoying each other’s company. Rediscovered that we can laugh till the tears flow and that we are still dear friends after a lifetime and extraordinarily attracted to one another as in can’t keep our hands to ourselves and we just fit. We fit extremely well in the way you are thinking but we fit as partners. She has had a rough life, single Mom raising two kids but she did it, the kids are well educated and successful. So she is very appreciative of anything

5/16, 10:31am
You deserve this.  Go slow with her but get moving yourself.
5/16, 10:57am Phil
Lawyer on Tuesday to get the legal facts.  Looking at living options. This will still take a little time but I’m making progress.  I love the hell out of both girls. Beach Gal is fucking guy number five. Fred has not so much as gone out to dinner with anyone since we were together. Her roommate says the same thing. Roomy says she loves the hell out of you and she was never interested in anyone else. She told my Mom, she would wait forever if she had to. Seems like an easy choice and I really really enjoy this girl
5/16, 11:51am

5/16, 12:22pm Phil
That’s a big thumb!

5/16, 4:06pm Phil
Came home to a Freddie snack, gin and tonics and a scantily dressed red head. I could get used to this.
[photo of the snacks she put out for him… gorgeous platter of meats, cheeses, olives, veggies and crackers!]
5/16, 4:25pm
Wowzers!  She is spoiling you!  I am seeing the new Godzilla movie with Hubby.

5/16, 8:16pm Phil
5/16, 8:21pm
Godzilla was fun!  Lots of yummy military scenes!  Made me think of my favorite officer.

5/16, 8:42pm Phil
I got to see the girl naked and oh my god. Lots of touching, teasing, geez. Glad you enjoyed the show. I drank gin and tonics with my baby for four hours and it was awesome

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