Philip’s Fabulous Morning

Monday, May 12, 2014
5/12, 8:01am
Good morning!   Hope you have a day that changes your life!

5/12, 1:07pm Phil
It was a hell of a start
[photo of him with Fred, his head on hers, big smiles]
5/12, 1:09pm
Do tell!  You two look so great.

That does not look like a park…

5/12, 1:12pm Phil
Never made it that far. And yes I was naked but not what you think

5/12, 1:22pm
5/12, 1:51pm Phil
I was all sweaty so I stripped down and took a shower while she threw my clothes in the washer
5/12, 1:59pm
Any smooching?
Any plan for more?
5/12, 3:25pm Phil
Smooching yes, a little foundling yes, me poking her with a hard-on yes
 Was very nice and left me wanting much more
5/12, 3:39pm
So you are still thinking this can work? Doing things to move that way?

5/12, 3:40pm Phil
Had a wonderful time and yeah. Beach Gal is happy and living her life, that’s not gonna happen and Fred is wonderful

5/12, 3:41pm
I am so happy for you!

5/12, 3:55pm Phil
Just a fabulous morning

5/12, 4:21pm Phil
She was almost in the shower with me. Want to hold off just a bit. Texted and said it was all she could do to not drop to her knees and swallow my cock. Made me smile
5/12, 4:26pm
Ooh… very nice!

5/12, 6:57pm Phil
She’s a lot of fun and very sweet
5/12, 6:58pm
Different from your wife?
5/12, 7:01pm Phil
Oh lord yes. She’s exciting and oh my god so sensuous and loving. Loves being outside, motorcycles, jeeps made to have her hair and other assets in the wind. We still laugh about her being naked in the car blowing me, ass up and a truck driver stayed right next to us and then Fred licked her lips, smiled and waved to the guy flashing he amazing tits. He honked the horn and drove on. That was fun

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