Still alive

Monday, May 12, 2014
Me: Good morning hot stuff! Hope you have a marvelous Monday! 8:03 AM

Kris: Good morning to you sexy Sassy! Your text puts a smile on my face…nice way to start the day! 8:36 AM

Me: Busy day for you? So beautiful out! I twitch to be out and about! 9:06 AM

Kris: not bad…ends 4:30…know what u mean about wanting to b out and about. I will b a little…but not for fun. oh well…fun days ahead! 9:26 AM

Kris: Let me know if H is ever out…so I can come over and ravage his wife….hate not having money for other options….if u think of anything else with that juicy little Sassy imagination of yours let me know…. 😉 9:40 AM

Kris: Goin for bike ride now…need “nutha kinda ride” too… 😉 6:18 PM

Me: Been nice knowing you. 😉 6:20 PM

Kris: Omg….I actually thought u were dumping me for a split second!  I’m at the storage area about to punch in code to open gate….glanced down at your message and almost had a heart attack….if I’m going to die at least let me get on it first! 6:28 PM

Me: Sorry for the scare! Was trying to be funny. Oops! 6:29 PM

Me: No no…not done with you mister. Farewell messages start with “Dear Kris…” 6:30 PM

Kris: It WAS funny. I’m just an idiot. Forgot who I was talkin to for a split second… YOU!!!!!!  6:32 PM

Me: Do text when you put it back in the shed so I know you survived. 6:35 PM

Kris: LOL. glad you’re not done with me yet. ok…..time to “Have Fun Or Die” (variation of NH license plates: “Live Free Or Die”—-no helmet law here either so I’m not wearing one here…just bald head in all its shiny glory!) 6:37 PM

Kris: I will text. Could be late – after 10:00….if I go to gym. 6:38 PM

Kris: Just got to the gym….after riding bike around….it is SO MUCH FUN….music blasting….. speed….power. freedom….little danger…..has it all (just missing YOU on the back!!!! plus does for me what “Sassy” does for u…..want me to ride down there and meet someplace to grope each other from 10:30-11:00 (or so). Mr. Mitty has super stud outfit on. WHOOPEE!!! 8:12 PM

Me: Wow! Glad it’s fun. And you’re still alive. Sorry…I’m wicked tired, may turn in early. 8:19 PM

Kris: Ok…what tired u….work? How was it? (still working out…just took short “Sassy text fix” break)….back to “sublimating/re-channeling” sexual appetite…and losing food packed in yesterday….which I completely enjoyed and am glad I did! If u turn in before I’m done….sweet dreams and sleep deep…Mwah!….and back rub into sleep….. 8:44 PM

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