Brunch and Beach

Sunday, May 11, 2014
5/11, 9:32am
Good morning!  See my fun party photos on my wall.  Beautiful home on a lake… great Mexican food.  Nice people.

We’re off to another family get-together at my sister’s for Mother’s Day.  She hired a private chef to serve us brunch!

Here’s the menu:

Pear and Mascarpone tortellini
Sausage Frittata
Pull Pork Benedict on Cornbread w/ BBQ Hollandaise
Steak and eggs
Smoked salmon display
Fresh fruit plate
Homemade Bacon
Sounds delicious to me!

5/11, 9:54am Phil
Wow! Sounds awesome!

5/11, 10:45am
The chef displayed it beautifully too!

5/11, 9:13pm

What game are you playing?!

5/11, 9:15pm Phil
5/11, 9:16pm
I see Beach Gal’s favorite painting on your FB wall… just wonder what you’re up to?!

5/11, 9:17pm Phil
Just a bit of art. I like it too
5/11, 9:27pm Phil
It’s a gorgeous nite, lots of stars. Reminds me of her.

You are the only one who would pick up on that. And her of course.

U know me too well

5/11, 9:39pm Phil
What are u up too   
5/11, 9:40pm
Just got home.  Went to the beach at Plum Island, Newburyport and had supper at a diner in Rowley.  See my wall.

Brunch was fantastic! How was your day?

Beach shadows of me and Hubby at Plum Island
Plum Island beach
5/11, 9:40pm Phil
I’ll go look!
Relaxing, spent it drinking wine and laying in the sun. Looks amazing! Chowdah!
5/11, 9:45pm
Did you see the family photos from brunch?  I was having a good hair day.
5/11, 9:48pm Phil
You look great! Marvelous pics. Love the plum island ones
5/11, 9:50pm
It was 81 here today!  Could not waste it inside.
5/11, 9:51pm Phil
Same here!

[photo of him leaning into the camera with his smiling face close]
5/11, 9:51pm Phil
[photo of him toasting me with a bottle of beer]
5/11, 9:56pm
Aww..hiya handsome!  Here’s 5 more photos from the diner

Gorgeous old-fashioned diner in Rowley, MA
Classic interior
Clam chowder

Turkey dinner 
Bumbleberry pie (apples, blueberry, blackberry, rhubarb)

5/11, 9:57pm Phil


You are one intuitive thing. Don’t miss anything.

I like that. You pay attention.

I made crab cakes for supper, came out great! 30 mile bike ride tomorrow and a walk in the park with a young lady

5/11, 10:02pm
5/11, 10:03pm Phil

5/11, 10:03pm
Is that what they call it these days?
5/11, 10:03pm Phil
LOL, just a walk in the park
5/11, 10:04pm
5/11, 10:04pm Phil
Why what?

5/11, 10:04pm
Why aren’t you jumping her bones?

5/11, 10:05pm Phil
See what happens from there. Just a chance to see her.

I’m a gentleman. Really.

Don’t want to fuck it up.  Romance and baby steps.  Flowers.

Hand in hand along the water, like the old days

5/11, 10:09pm
Yeah… take her something…

Good thought… no rush

I bet she grabs you, though

5/11, 10:11pm Phil
Once we touch, it’s over
5/11, 10:12pm
I know the feeling.

5/11, 10:19pm Phil
5/11, 10:20pm
You are such a sexy beast.

5/11, 10:26pm Phil
Nah, but thank you
5/11, 10:26pm
5/11, 10:27pm Phil
Yeah yeah, don’t see it.  At least I’m in good shape for an old guy. Body has held up

5/11, 10:35pm Phil
[photo of him looking sunburnt and tipsy, smiling a very goofy smile at me]

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