Saturday chores

Saturday, May 10, 2014
Me: Good morning hot stuff! Headed to Mom’s! Have a great Saturday! 11:05 AM

Kris: Thanks! You too! Always so sweet to hear from you. Smooch! 11:08 AM

Me: Hey there! What’s up with you today? 11:29 AM

Kris: Doing some work first…then a little shopping (food for cookout tomorrow at mom’s)…not much. feeling little down…money pressure with wife’s unemployment. resent her dependence on me for help with job search…like I don’t have enough F’ing stuff on my plate. sorry…thanks for asking. 11:59 AM

Me: Wow – you’re loaded with yucky tasks! hope it rolls along easily. I hear you about helping spouse, but it’ll solve lots of other stuff and be over soon, I hope! 12:11 PM

Kris: I’ll get through it…always do. figured u could relate to the “spouse care taking”. though I’m far less patient than u. you’re right about the job search leading to solving problems…and hopefully soon. thanks for “cheering me on my way” (probably rather being getting laid….but we’ll get back to that again too….hopefully soon… 😉 12:19 PM


Kris: hope u had a good day….mine sucked and I’m still working 10:59 PM

Me: Did a lot for Mom, took photos of her car to sell. Tough drive both down and back from Cinco de Mayo party in the burbs – fun time! Bushed now. Hope you can rest soon! Hugs! 11:07 PM

Kris: doing work till midnight…hearing from u is a sweet distraction…just nice to hear how your day went….maybe chat tomorrow night…hopefully I won’t get home too late…hug & kiss 11:11 PM

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