Better days are coming

Saturday, May 10, 2014

5/10, 9:49am
Good morning!  Hope you’re in the air and have an uneventful flight back!

5/10, 2:25pm Phil
Got diverted to a different airport.  which sucks. Exhausted, don’t get to see the girl. Kinda bummed

5/10, 2:53pm
: (
5/10, 2:56pm Phil
Just another in a long list of shitty days      
5/10, 2:57pm
Better days are coming!
5/10, 3:00pm Phil
Will see I guess

5/10, 5:21pm Phil
On the ground
5/10, 5:31pm
Yay! I’m off to a Cinco de Murpho party

5/10, 5:37pm Phil
Have fun!

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