Friday, May 9, 2014 

Kris: Sorry didn’t chat last night…dodged a bullet at work and distracted by it – found out I’m “not in trouble”….thoughts then turned immediately to you….hope you’re free to chat later…but not so late….hug & kiss sexy Sassy. 11:04 AM

Me: Hiya hot stuff! Happy Friday! Sorry you had a scary time with work. My office has been calm and wonderful without the boss. Looking forward to talking whenever. Hugs! 11:06 AM

Kris: 🙂 I’m sitting here with my supervisor covertly texting you…..who I’ll b loving chatting with sometime today. 🙂 11:15 AM

Kris: Daydreaming about next meet….wondering about the “3 Ws”….When, Where, What (it will b like next time) 🙂 1:29 PM

Kris: Parked facing ocean…listening to music/nap till I have to work again…if lucky have a naughty dream….with u in it! 😉 1:40 PM

Me: Mmm… ocean. Lucky man! I’m staring out the window at the blooming trees, remembering your smile. Sunday night? Next week? Busy weekend with lunch with Mom Saturday, party Saturday night, Brunch with entire family Sunday for Mother’s Day. 1:42 PM

Kris: Sweet to consider as soon as Sunday night….b at my mom’s w family all day probably into early evening….won’t b able to get away. 🙁  Stay open to something next week – very worst case next Sunday….hopefully sooner. Hug/little grind/ deep kiss 1:53 PM

Kris: Mmmm…strong sweet salty smell of ocean air… boat…..on water….in you 4:00 PM

Kris: time to make the donuts.. almost done…Whoopee! 4:03 PM

Me: We’re closing at 4 pm! Getting out early. Mwah! 4:03 PM

Kris: Yay! later….smooch! 4:07 PM

Kris: At the gym right now…weather in the 80s thru Monday…may “roll into town” on bike Monday…could be there by 6:30…may or may not work for you….just something to think about. chat later….two hands on your head…pulling you in….smack on your lips! 6:52 PM

Me: I’m so sleepy! Lying down to nap. May or may not wake before morning 7:16 PM

Kris: No problem….if you need it sleep well. 7:18 PM

Me: Wish you could tuck me in 7:19 PM

Kris: Me too…someday we’ll find a way to spend a whole night together…that would be sweet….cuddling….brushing your hair to side with my hand. light kiss on cheek….now I’ll leave you alone….sleep well. 7:32 PM

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