Saturday, May 3, 2014
Kris: Wanna see “The Other Woman” (comedy about 3 women who gang up on a cheating husband–his wife and two women he’s having affairs with team up to get revenge on him). I’m not usually one for silly comedies–but interesting theme/mainstream perspective on cheating given u & me. 11:50am show at Apple Cinemas, 168 Alewife Brook Parkway, Cambridge. If not your thing for any reason please tell me. Or if maybe a movie but different one–pick one. Or tell me to “keep thinking”….I like the whole process of trying to find things. Don’t want to lose focus from the MAIN thing….just want to throw in fun “other” things…to experience you so I can “get into you” (way too obvious pun) even more. So don’t be shy….want to know your real interests….if no interest in a movie I’ll continue my “mission for fun”. 9:02 AM
Kris: Or as u said…..may not be free if need to prep for meeting. 9:09 AM
Me: Good morning hot stuff! 9:56 AM
Kris: Good morning sexy Sassy! (Wife just said…I heard your phone make a sound…think u got a message….I didnt check it….I dont know how to. No worries even if she did she wouldn’t….cuz I’m such a faithful husband….HAH!) 10:11 AM
Kris: Forgot to sign off…Little Rascal…..playin w your head…..though that did actually just happen 10:16 AM
Me: Good news! Hubby can be out tomorrow night! So if you’d like to visit, I’d be most pleased to host. Should be home by 6:30 pm. 10:58 AM
Me: Thank you ever so much for thinking of things for us to do, and being so creative. Movies aren’t my thing very often, so keep on thinking. 🙂 11:09 AM
Kris: Great! So since I’m spared about 75 bucks for a room….b happy to treat u to brunch/lunch. Understand you may have to prep for meeting….or just prefer not to. Either way’s fine! Thanks! 11:17 AM
Kris: Have a couple questions about tomorrow….cant chat long….but can take short break if you’re going to be on IM. 8:49 PM


·       May 03 8:44 PM  Kris: Hi…I can’t stay on to chat : (  because I have to focus on work all the way up to midnight…but I have a couple of questions about tomorrow…so if/when you come on I’ll take a short break to ask you…
·       May 03 8:50 PM  Sassy: Hiya
·       May 03 8:50 PM  Kris: Hi!
·       May 03 8:51 PM  Kris: under pressure to finish work by midnight…so can’t stay on long  : ( but couple of questions…
·       May 03 8:51 PM  Sassy: Okay.
·       May 03 8:52 PM  Kris: did you decide if you can/want to have lunch with me tomorrow…I know you said you needed to get receipts to be ready for meeting…or you might just prefer to not…and just meet at 6:30
·       May 03 8:54 PM  Sassy: I just got the receipts and am scrambling to get done, so I can see you for lunch if you want.
·       May 03 8:54 PM  Kris: I want to…do you?
·       May 03 8:55 PM  Sassy: Sure, though I feel bad about having to cut out for 3 hrs…
·       May 03 8:55 PM  Kris: don’t feel bad. I’ll have things to do…which leads me to my next question(s)
·       May 03 8:56 PM  Kris: can I make dinner for us at your house when we meet at 6:30…something that doesn’t take long but that you’ll like…
·       May 03 8:56 PM  Sassy: Cook for me?
·       May 03 8:56 PM  Kris: yes
·       May 03 8:57 PM  Sassy: Sure. If you let me help?
·       May 03 8:57 PM  Kris: ok…so I know what the main thing we’re eating is…but i’m not telling you…but I need to know what you like for some “sides”… do you like steamed clams?
·       May 03 8:58 PM  Sassy: Not really
·       May 03 8:58 PM  Kris: ok… what kind of vegetable do you like…and how prepared
·       May 03 8:58 PM  Sassy: Choices?
·       May 03 8:59 PM  Kris: anything
·       May 03 8:59 PM  Sassy: Um… I eat just about anything…
·       May 03 9:00 PM  Kris: ok…but you must like some things more than others…if there’s something you really like but that I don’t know how to make…or that would take too long…I could “cheat” and pick it up someplace…
·       May 03 9:01 PM  Sassy: Name two you like that are easy so I can choose?
·       May 03 9:02 PM  Kris: I don’t know if it’s available now…but corn on the cob?
·       May 03 9:02 PM  Sassy: Sure.  Usually toss it in the microwave in a wet paper towel, then add butter
·       May 03 9:02 PM  Kris: ok…
·       May 03 9:03 PM  Kris: do you like salads?
·       May 03 9:03 PM  Sassy: not really.
·       May 03 9:04 PM  Sassy: My mother chides me a lot about that
·       May 03 9:04 PM  Kris: i’m not your mother…there’s something to be thank for!
·       May 03 9:05 PM  Kris: so what else…do you like?
·       May 03 9:05 PM  Sassy: I like all the garnishes (tomato, cukes, croutons, cheese, black olives, etc) but not the lettuce.  : )
·       May 03 9:06 PM  Kris: do you think you would like an Italian antipasto?
·       May 03 9:06 PM  Sassy: like… meats and cheeses?
·       May 03 9:07 PM  Kris: no…it’s a family recipe that my Italian grandmother taught me to make…want me to tell you the ingredients…to see if you would like it or not?
·       May 03 9:07 PM  Sassy: Sure
·       May 03 9:10 PM  Kris: celery, tuna fish, artichoke hearts, marinated mushrooms, sweet mixed pickles (cucumbers, onions and cauliflower mix), black olives, green olives, sweet red sliced peppers (aka: “pimento”), and anchovies with capers in the centers (anchovies optional)…all the above come in oil–that’s used to mix in with everything…that’s it
·       May 03 9:11 PM  Sassy: Sounds fabulous!
·       May 03 9:12 PM  Sassy: And too complicated. 
·       May 03 9:12 PM  Kris: ok…I’ll try to make it…but will need to go shopping…so that’s what I’ll be doing when you’re at your meeting…
·       May 03 9:12 PM  Kris: no…I like doing it…
·       May 03 9:12 PM  Sassy: There is a Shaw’s near my place.
·       May 03 9:12 PM  Kris: ok…I’ll go there…
·       May 03 9:13 PM  Sassy: Not fancy but serviceable
·       May 03 9:13 PM  Sassy: Wait… you want to do lunch and dinner?
·       May 03 9:13 PM  Kris: ok…that’s it for now…you just need to pick a place for lunch and text me the address…and I’ll meet you there at 12:30…
·       May 03 9:13 PM  Kris: sure…you?
·       May 03 9:13 PM  Sassy: Fine… spoil me. I can take it.  : )
·       May 03 9:14 PM  Kris: ok…so pick a place for lunch and I’ll make us dinner…I’ll GUARANTEE you’ll like the main dish for dinner…
·       May 03 9:14 PM  Sassy: You want lunchy things or breakfasty things?
·       May 03 9:14 PM  Kris: I don’t care…you choose
·       May 03 9:15 PM  Sassy: Have fun working!
·       May 03 9:15 PM  Kris: ok…gotta go…hate to…but have to…Mwah!…bye…for now!
·       May 03 9:15 PM  Sassy: See you tomorrow!
·       May 03 9:16 PM  Kris: 😀


Kris: One last thing…..text me 2 or 3 of your favorite desserts (besides me…grin) 9:39 PM
Me: Fresh raspberries with Kool whip, Chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting, cheesecake, carrot cake, apple pie, rice pudding, brownies… 10:36 PM

Kris: Alrighty then!  Sweet dreams Sassy…Kris. 12:06 AM

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