Fred The Red Head

Sunday, May 4, 2014

5/4, 3:34am Phil
This what I look like at 3:00 in case you ever wondered.  Yuk
5/4, 3:35am Phil

[photo of him in a dress shirt smiling at me]

5/4, 8:00am
I’d still bounce on you!
5/4, 8:03am Phil
Well thank you!

5/4, 8:14am
Happy Star Wars Day!  May the forth be with you?  ; )

Star Wars (John Williams Is The Man) 
a cappella tribute medley song – Corey Vidal and Moosebutter


5/4, 9:30am Phil
Holy shit! The craziest damn thing just happened to me! I prayed so hard for God to show me the way. A gorgeous red head I adore called me out of the blue. We talked for hours and laughed
5/4, 9:41am Phil
WTF?  I am stunned!

Pretty fucking happy too

Jeep driving, Harley riding, bustier wearing hard bodied red head    

5/4, 9:59am
Fun!  I have two meets today… with the same guy.  He wants to take me to lunch and make me dinner.  Not used to this!
5/4, 10:40am
You are a contradiction you know?  All “one man woman” etc and then drooling over a redhead?  I adore it!
5/4, 12:30pm Phil
I’m still all about Beach Gal but I’ll tell you the Red Head is wild and fun. I was just floored she called.

A smoking hot southern belle.  Just made smile and laugh. Known her for  almost 40 years. We have had a lot of fun together 

5/4, 12:56pm Phil
Enjoy lunch and desert!

I truly think unless the new guy does something really stupid, she will stay with him, whether she is in love or not. He’s there and that’s all she wants now. I think she’s given up on the whole love thing and is looking for a little security

I’m going to have a drink with my old friend anyway.

5/4, 10:48pm Phil
Talked to the redhead for seven hours

5/4, 10:49pm Phil
Feeling pretty decent

[Him with a HUGE beer, smiling at me]
5/4, 10:49pm
Holy cow!  Is this Fred?  Frederica?

5/4, 10:49pm Phil
It is

We talked and laughed the entire afternoon and evening

How was your day? Good?

5/4, 10:51pm
He spoiled me!  Took me out for brunch.

5/4, 10:51pm Phil
She told me to get divorced, move in with her, buy a boat and Harley and live happily ever after
5/4, 10:51pm
Then I had two project meetings.  Saw flowers on my way!

5/4, 10:52pm Phil
You so deserve that! I’m so happy you had a good day
5/4, 10:52pm
He showed up at my place with two steamed lobsters!

5/4, 10:52pm Phil

Holy shit, I like this guy

5/4, 10:53pm
And a huge antipasto, french onion soup, corn on the cob

5/4, 10:53pm Phil
I’d rather dip you in butter but that’s a great start
! Wow!
I had an amazing day. I’m very glad you did too
5/4, 10:54pm
Four kinds of cheesecake, apple pie, fresh raspberries and Kool whip!

5/4, 10:54pm Phil
 Hope he spread the cool whip on you
5/4, 10:55pm
Wait… Fred is the one you told me you couldn’t deal with

We had fun with my mirror. 

5/4, 10:56pm Phil
I thought she lied to me. She didn’t. Told me some things I never knew. I feel like an ass but she’s willing to let me make it up to her.

She is unfucking believable in every category though.

Found Out my pure bride may have a fuck buddy.  I sure haven’t been fucking her.

What about a mirror? Nothing better than watching        

5/4, 11:02pm
Wait…your wife? With a guy?
5/4, 11:02pm Phil
Fred was wearing Jammies and we were face timing, holy shit, girl was driving me crazy!

 Yeah WTF

5/4, 11:04pm
He stood where he could see in my mirror while I gave him a sassy hand job and blow job.

5/4, 11:05pm Phil
Wife has been going to out of town routinely and rumor has it not just hanging with her girl friends.
Oh hell yeah. I love watching. That’s hot as fuck! 0
5/4, 11:05pm
How do you feel about the wife rumor?

5/4, 11:06pm Phil
Really don’t care. She could fuck a football team. Makes me wish I had bailed a lot earlier

5/4, 11:07pm
Was thinking it might absolve you of a bunch of guilt.

Any clue who it is?  Hard to imagine…

5/4, 11:11pm Phil
Beach Gal is my heart and soul but I don’t think she’s coming back which means I wasn’t hers. Fred has been with no one else. Said she would wait forever for me. Best sex I have ever had. She used a dildo on me, and the combination of that and her hands and mouth drove me insane. She’s a nurse, knows exactly where to touch and apply pressure
5/4, 11:12pm Phil
I have no idea. Apparently been stock piling money in her accounts too.

I make a shitload of money but have no idea where it goes.        

5/4, 11:12pm
When did you have sex with Fred
5/4, 11:14pm Phil
3 years ago I think.
Always with condoms. She was always careful. Nurse in her

5/4, 11:15pm
Whoa… any way to verify any of this stuff about your wife?   Sounds farfetched.

5/4, 11:15pm Phil
Nothing we planned, just happened.

Apparently there are several people who can verify.

I know she has accounts that she puts money in. She had stashed over 70k when we were separated

5/4, 11:17pm
5/4, 11:17pm Phil
She told me she had started seeing a guy back then. I don’t know

[He called me!  So great to hear his voice!]

5/5, 12:33am 
Thank you very much for calling!  It’s so fun to hear you happy and see a light that might lead you to make it a regular thing!  Follow it! 
5/5, 12:34am Phil
looking for flowers.  For Fred.      
5/5, 12:34am
Sweet dreams dear man.

5/5, 12:34am Phil
you too baby.  got something to do with lotion first

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