Derby party hat

Saturday, May 3, 2014
5/3, 8:26am
Good morning kid!
5/3, 12:15pm
You have the sexiest toes!
I’m off to Mom’s for our annual Kentucky Derby watching fest!

5/3, 2:00pm
Had a great Mexican lunch with Mom.  Picked up raspberry lime rickies from Brigham’s and cookies for a treat while we watch the horse race.

5/3, 6:01pm
Cookies for the Derby!

from Lakota Bakery – 
Florentine, M&Ms, Linzer, Chocolate raspberry macaron, nut brownie!
5/3, 6:46pm Phil
Oh cool! Have fun! I spent the day at the beach!
5/3, 6:47pm
Great photos you posted!
Adore you toes.
5/3, 7:07pm Phil
Why thank you.
Tried to get my mind off other things and relax. Actually smiled and laughed

5/3, 7:11pm
Yay!  Me too!
5/3, 7:18pm Phil
Well good for us!        
5/3, 8:58pm Phil
Off on another work trip to [redacted] in the morning
Enjoying a cigar, sipping a scotch thinking of a beautiful lady
5/3, 8:59pm
Wow!  You been there before?
5/3, 9:00pm Phil
Many times. One of my favorites
Very pretty place
5/3, 9:03pm
Yes.  I’ve been several times.  Great fun.       
5/3, 9:03pm Phil
Great town!  Love the seafood!
5/3, 9:09pm Phil
Maybe we can have some fun

5/3, 9:30pm
: )

5/3, 9:43pm Phil
: ) 

5/3, 11:15pm
Did you see Johnny Weir’s Derby hat?  It has a horse jumping out of it!

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