Volt’s present

From: Volt
Dec 12, 2012 5:46 am 
To: Sassy
Good Morning
Nice to see your e-mail first thing in the morning. I will send you some pic’s this weekend. I have a company phone that does not send text or photos, plus its one of those cheap flip phones that takes lousey pic’s. I will find my digital camera and get to it. I would be happy and turned on to see anything your comfortable sending me. I am not comfortable sending anything with my face either. I would love to see a pic of your boobs or your ass if your comfortable with that, I am already turned on big time at the thought. Maybe your toes too!
I’m glad to hear your interested in continuing, I only asked to make sure this was potentialy more than a cyber relationship, I understand your caution. I will be patient. 
I would think we would meet somewhere your comfortable with, public yet a bit private so we can talk without other people listing in. I will let you take the ball on where. I have a pretty flexibal work , so I could meet you for lunch sometime too. 
    I have not been talking to anyone else on Am so you are it. I am not a multitasker when it comes to this. I am getting ready to go to my 6am meeting so I have to get going. Would love to read more of your stories!
From: Sassy 
To: Volt
Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2012 11:55 AM
Subject: Re: Tucking 
Good morning!
I hope your Wednesday is going well.  I am dashing to a weekly staff meeting but wanted to give you something to read.  
Thanks for explaining about your phone.  Don’t worry about the pix if it’s a hassle.  It’s not essential, and you probably have better things to do!  I’ll see if I can take some more intimate ones, though my courage is not so high right now.  But toes should be possible! 
Are there really women who only want to talk online?  I hear rumors of that but no one who has actually run into it themselves.  Not me!  Lunch would be fun.   Do you like pizza and burgers or ethnic like Mexican or Indian or Thai?  Can you come to my area? Would you be driving to a meet or taking the T?  I’d try to find some place easy for both of us. 
From: Volt
Dec 12, 2012 12:18 pm 
To: Sassy
I would be driving from Boston. A burger place sound fine for lunch! I understand if your hesitant sending me intimate photos, but you did ask what I liked so I thought it would be ok to tell;) If it helps you feel more comfortable I have alway had a soft spot for full figured woman;) I find them to be much more sexy and desirable. I guess we all have personal preferences. Do you have any  particular body types that turn you on? I guess you could tell from my pics I’m slim,6-2″ tall 200 lbs. I don’t want to pressure you to do anything your not comfortable with so please no pressure;) I have been planning on getting a new camera anyways so I will pick one up at best buy first chance I get. I also wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your e-mails and storys. I have been like a kid at christmas waiting to see if I have any e-mails from you. I have chatted with a few woman over the years who were just not interested in actually meeting. I guess its just a fantasy thing for some people. Thats the only reason I asked.  Hope you have a nice day.
From: Sassy
To: Volt
Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2012 11:58 AM
Subject: The Storm
The Storm
How to make a thunderstorm less scary

From: Sean 
To: Sassy 
December 12, 2012 12:43 pm 
Subject: re: The Storm 
Hi Again
Thanks! Its very exciting to read your storys! I am blown away by your talents:) Do you like to talk dirty? I think it would be lots  of fun! I am having so much fun with you! Are you trying to tease me? Have to go take a cold shower;)
From: Sassy 
To: Sean
Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2012 3:08 PM
Subject: Re: The Storm
Hi Sean!  
It is so great that you are enjoying my scribbling.  These scenarios pop into my head and I have to write them down to get them out so I can think of other things!  Dirty talk does not come naturally to me, but I know men really like it, so I’ve been watching videos and trying it out in small doses in my stories.  Are there words or phrases you find really hot?  I probably over-think it way too much.  “Fuck” flows easily for me, but after that it gets trickier.  I used “cunt” in a story last week for the first time…but it’s still a rough draft.  Women often hear it in a very negative way (on past bitch) but when used to describe a body part, it makes the guy really hot.  I still have trouble with slut, again because it is tossed around in such hurtful ways… but a blogger wrote a post about think of a guy saying, “You’re not a slut, you’re my slut…just for me… a woman who is interested in sex in a healthy way like a man! And that is so hot!”  That helps a little.  But there is still a lot of baggage there… judgement.  As a minister’s daughter, I heard the word slut a lot in high school, when I was a virgin!  It felt like the worst insult!  But it may be time to get over that.  I’d like to learn the words that set you off so I can do that.  There is a wild girl inside me who begs to come out to play and she is quite… wild!  🙂
Hmmm.. teasing you?  Maybe.  Flirting?  Definitely!  The stories are a sneaky way to say… here’s what goes on in my mind.  Here’s what I like.  Let’s be honest – the first time a couple is alone is tricky, getting used to each other’s style, worrying about performance and expectations and whatever.  The more we talk, tease, flirt, tell stories… the easier it might be?  And that can assure a second time that is even better.  Feedback is crucial.  Please feel comfortable asking me whatever would help you – I am very open and used to frank talk.  You have to promise to say “I like that.  More.”  or “Yeah, no… that didn’t do it for me.”  Or “If you’d go a little faster, that would be better.”  I try to stay out of the rut, suggest new things, keep it fresh, store up anything you tell me about what you miss, what you like, etc. so those flow into our play and make you want more.  I am out of practice but hope it is like riding a bicycle!  
From: Volt 
Dec 12, 2012 3:58 pm 
To: Sassy
Your a breath of fresh air, I am very turned on by the fact that your sharing your intimate thoughts and stories with me. Please feel free to tell me what I can do to get you going too. I always thought some words were off limits. I would never use the work cunt in front of a woman, but if it is used in a positive way and it turns you on the I’m all in. Like you said the more we know about each others wants and desires the better things can be. I do like when you refer to your most sensitive spot as a slit, something about that word does it for me. Maybe I can call you my dirty girl? I say that with no disrespect but with excitment and antisipation. To be honest my sex life has been kind of boring. The thought of being with a wild woman gets me very excited. I am very much looking forward to meeting you in person too! What words do it for you? Is there something I can say or do that gives you goose bumps? Talk to you soon
From: Sassy 
To: Volt
Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2012 4:36 PM
Hiya Sean!
Thanks for the details about a meet.  It helps to think more concretely.  I’ll come up with some suggestions on a place.  I am definitely interested in meetings… I have lots of people to talk with online but I crave being kissed and touched.  Are you working the week after Christmas?  I have time off and that would broaden the options… if you’d want to meet that soon and aren’t tied up with family things. 
I appreciate you reassuring me about liking curvy women.  It is so tough because I never see anyone like me in the media except being made fun of… but I believe you and will take photos and see if I can send them.  I want it to be your favorites if I’m going to go there!  
My ideal guy is big and tall – 6’2,” mid 200s.  Tom Selleck?  That said, I pay very little attention to stats.  In my wild youth, I had fun with men who were different sizes – body type does not matter much.  I do want the guy to be slightly taller than me.  
You should definitely get a new camera or a nice phone for all the baby photos you’re going to take!  If it takes a little video too, that can be great for little snippets of first smiles and steps etc.   The sales are great this time of year.  I am lucky to have a nice cellphone… best thing I ever bought.  It kept me sane in medical waiting rooms, has a fun little camera and video thing for niece photos, and puts the internet in my pants!  I’m not big on gadgets but it has literally saved my life a couple of times!  And I had fun with food photos while I was ill.  Instead of saying “I feel okay today” I would post a photo on FB of  what I was eating – people would know that I was out and about and eating and doing okay!  I don’t cook but I make really good reservations.  🙂  Are you any good in the kitchen?  
I’d better get ready to go home.  It is so wonderful to explore with you… whoever told you that you are a nice guy was right!  I really appreciate your time and thoughtful answers.  
Hugs with groping!  And a deep kiss… just because.   
From: Volt 
Dec 12, 2012 8:06 pm 
To: Sassy
Thanks for the nice compliment. I am off the week after Xmas so lets do it! You can think about where and when and let me know as soon as you can so I can make arrangments. I have been enjoying talking with you very much. I’m glad your getting a little more comfortable. I am as well. I’m glad you believe me about my taste in woman. I can understand being a bit insecure about body image. I am a little insecure about not having a very big dick. I have never had any complaints and am fully functional, but having 5″ compared to the porn guys with masive cocks it can be a worrie that you don’t measure up. I hope thats not an issue for you. I have lots of other talents and am great with my hands:) You have lots of on line friends, thats great. I should branch out more myself. It sound like you have lots of great experences with that. Its nice to talk on the computer and I have had a wonderful time getting to know you, but like you said its nice to have some touching and kissing to go along with the hot e-mail thing. I am looking forward to the time off over xmas and meeting you will be my Xmas present. I will talk to you soon.
From: Sassy
To: Volt
Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2012 11:55 PM
Hiya Sean!
Hope you’re having a good evening.  What time do you usually go to sleep?  You’ll probably see this in the morning.  
Eek!  This meeting thing is getting real.  I know, no pressure.  It is fun to think about.  My schedule is open after Christmas, so you can pick a day?  Are you still okay to drive here? Or should we do somewhere in between?  Or some random fun spot… Hmmm… so many possibilities! I am trying to think of somewhere with easy parking and great burgers.  Is there any place you know well that would be safe for you?  Just make sure it’s not a blizzard.  🙂  
Wow!  When I say you can tell me anything, you jump right in.  I adore that!  Don’t feel self-conscious about your size.  Makes it easier for me to deep throat, right?  The porn kings as big as the Empire State Building are so weird!  I’ve seen quite a few sizes and had fun with them all.  I got a twinge when you said “other talents and great with my hands.”  Yum.   
Today at work was kind of awful.  I am so glad to have something better to think about!  Thank you, Sean.  For that you get another story!  
From: Sassy 
To: Volt
Sent: Thursday, December 13, 2012 12:03 AM
Subject: The Fan
The Fan
He couldn’t believe he was doing this.  His friend had talked
him into reading at Stone Soup Poets open mike.  One of the
stories.  It was for Valentine’s Day, and everyone was doing
it, but it still made him feel vulnerable and exposed.  He
read and paused, as appreciative sighs filled the room, and
knew it would be alright.  He noticed this woman, standing in
the back against the wall.  Staring right at him.  He felt like
he was reading to her, and that she felt it, too.  He finished,
and a crowd gathered around him to chat and congratulate and
fawn and cluck.  He searched the room for her, but she had gone.
He listened to the other artists awhile, but couldn’t get the
hazy image of the woman out of his mind.  Finally, he slipped
out the side door and started toward the train.  She spoke as
he passed, startling him.
       “Your story was…special.  It touched me.”  She almost
whispered into the night air.
       “Thank you,” he said, automatically.  Brilliant.  He tried
to make out her face in the dim light of the street lamp.
       “It made me…want to know you,” she sighed, almost as if
she hadn’t wanted to admit it. He was sure his mouth hung open at
that point.  He remembered himself in a few seconds, and decided to
be flip.
       “So, what did you want to know?”  He quipped, not really
expecting her to answer. She looked away, then surprised him.
       “What it would be like to inspire yo.”  He gulped in air.
There didn’t seem to be enough air to fill his burning lungs.  He
realized that somehow, in the last minute, something had passed
between them.  It scared him, but drew him to her.
       “Can I walk you to the train?”  He asked her.  She seemed
to consider it carefully, then stepped forward and took his arm in
silent acceptance.  He felt her breast against his arm and wondered
if he could remember how to walk.  He managed.  He thought she would
ask him mundane questions, quiz him about his story or his life.  She
was silent, seemingly deep in thought, walking in step with him.
       He wanted to see her face, but she was beside him so he could
only take in her long hair, swinging around her, and how she seemed
just the right height to walk with him, and how her chest moved with
each step.  They passed a pottery shop and she paused briefly to
glance at the brightly colored bowls.  Suddenly, she yanked him into
the dark doorway, and pressed him against the stone of the building.
He felt the cold against his back, then the heat of her in front,
as she wiggled to fit her body to his.  Then she put her lips within
a hair of his, and stopped.  This seemed to be quite a distance for
her initiative to take her, but not quite there.
       He cursed the lack of light.  He couldn’t see her eyes.  But
it didn’t seem to matter, he was taking her invitation and sinking
his tongue into her mouth before he realized he’d decided to do it.
He felt as hard as the stone against his back, and knew she felt it
too by the breath she took when he raised his head momentarily.  She
worked her hand under his shirt, and put his hand on her breast.
They teased each other’s nipples, nipping at necks and ears and noses.
Smiling into each other’s mouths as their breathing raged out of
       This was crazy.  He didn’t know this woman.  He knew
nothing except she liked his writing, that she had understood
the call in it.  And that she felt so right in his arms.  It
was nuts, but it made sense to him.  He’d find out the other
stuff later, if it became important.  He was startled back to
the present by her hand at his belt.  Oh, my god.
       She stopped for a moment, took a deep breath and
whispered in his ear.
       “I don’t…I mean, I haven’t…ever…without…” she
couldn’t seem to say it, but he knew she was trying to justify
this wildfire burning between two strangers in a dark doorway.
       “I know,” he murmured, hugging her even closer.  That
seemed to settle it.  She undid his belt, and slipped her hand
inside his clothes to touch him.  He thought he’d pass out.
She rubbed him just the right way for longer than he thought
he could endure.  He knew he should be touching her, but could
not summon the brain power beyond savoring her touch.  She
removed one hand to her pocket, he heard a rip, then she was
taking his sex from his pants, and covering it with latex,
and leading him to a ledge deeper in the doorway.  She stretched
out on the stone, and pulled him down over her, into her.  The
combination of the time and place and strangeness and the latex
set him off almost immediately.  He pounded her into the stone,
without thought of her soft body.  She met his every thrust,
moaning in his ear.  He felt the pulsing, the searing heat, and
filled the plastic, thinking of filling her.  She clenched him
deep inside.  His mind clung to every detail as he realized he
would desperately need to write about this later.
       They clung to one another forever.  Then sat close to
each other on the ledge as they righted their clothes.  There
seemed to be so much to say, and yet nowhere to start.  He
finally took her arm, and they continued toward the train. He
thought he should be panicking, but couldn’t get beyond the
amazing afterglow.  When they reached the platform, he expected
her to disappear like the dream she seemed to him.  She chewed
her lip.  He feasted on seeing her in the light.
       “I need to know more.”  She whispered, a pleading look
on her face.
       “Yes.” It was all he could say.  It seemed enough.
       “Take me home with you.”
       “Let me inspire you.”
       He moaned and rolled his eyes.  Then the train rumbled
into the station and they boarded locked arm in arm.

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