Monday memories

Happy Monday
Between Phil and You
September 13 at 7:26am
Happy Monday! I hope you are having a great morning!
It’s a gray morning here. Seems perfect for Monday. But I am not listening to it. I feel good. Raring to go. If you were here, there would be ravaging! Woot!
Did you ever get into really bad weather? They were talking on the radio about Hurricane Igor with 150 mph winds out in the Atlantic. I wonder if anyone is out there in it… hope not. Have a great day! I’m off to work! 

Phil September 13 at 8:19am
I do sleep naked. Always have. Was the diary stuff bad or good? Freaky did not sound great. :). Today is a football day!

September 13 at 8:30am
Happy football day! Wheee!
September 13 at 8:31am
Oooh…naked. That has me even more awake. 🙂
September 13 at 8:33am
Diaries are… Sweet. Joyous. Sexy. Brutal. Wicked. Sad.
Lots of answers. More questions.
Did I say I probably had not written much about you? Wrong.
Can’t figure out how to explain what’s in there… have tried three times, but can’t hit send. Will keep trying. Maybe excerpts. Maybe a summary. We’ll see…
[Phil called me at the office.]
September 13 at 12:01pm
Thanks for calling! That was a sweet surprise. Certainly got my week started on an up note!  It thrills me (and frightens me) how you can tell what I need, and do it. Bodes well for our…em…other interactions.
I am amazed we stayed on target for nearly 40 minutes. We touched on deep stuff… with smiles and laughs and sighs. I am feeling much calmer about the whole diary thing.
I plan to send you a few snippets when I get home. If I don’t lose my nerve. Hubby is away this evening, so I should have some free time. We’ll see what we can learn from that sassy young girl.
Phil September 13 at 2:03pm
Can’t wait. Just finished my meeting. Off to do some painting. Really enjoyed talking to you this morning. Have a wonderful day. Football tonight. I can’t wait!
September 13 at 3:16pm
I got off the phone wondering how I got so lucky. 🙂
I dashed into the weekly staff meeting and blew them all away with my cheeriness. They were still sucking on their coffee, trying to wake up, and I was soaring! Oops.
I finished the NYT crossword puzzle without stopping. A rare thing.
Just survived my annual performance review! Nice to have that done. Boss said “Exemplary Job! Let’s get your position upgraded and get you a raise! Can’t live without you!” Heh.
So I am on a roll! Whee!
September 13 at 4:58pm
Heading out. Still soaring! I will cross my fingers for your team! But not too many TDs.

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