Dinner details

September 12 at 1:05pm
At the office. Copying for a meeting. Too quiet. Too much time to think. Of a tall handsome man. With magic hands…wondering what he would do if he were here. Wondering if he will ever be here…
Phil September 12 at 2:05pm
I will be there. We will have dinner. You will feel my hard cock against you as I kiss you hello. I will brush against your tits so I can feel them. I will run my hand over your ass. Then we can eat. During dinner, my hand will slide along the inside of you thigh. I will slip a finger under your panties, into your pussy. I will remove the finger and lick it looking at you. I will take your hand and place it on my cock. That’s all before the appetizer arrives

Phil September 12 at 2:23pm
Would like to be under your desk eating you, unseen. My tongue darting inside of you, flicking your clit. Your juices running down to your ass, my tongue licking them up. You trying to focus and get things done, fingers slipping inside, first one, then two, twisting, pumping your pussy as my tongue stays on your clit.

September 12 at 8:55pm
Home at last! Told myself not to run to the computer…you been watching football…no time for messages. Heh. Not one message, but two! *big smile*
And oh, what messages! Triple H. Hot, hot, hot…damn. You know what to say. You really do. Now I am wet, wet, wet! And I like it…
September 12 at 9:13pm
Day went very well. But what a long haul…oof.

And then 10 of us strolled down to this new restaurant. It was hopping! Very cool to see and be seen. We knew the people at the table next to us, and the people two tables over, and the ones next to them! I gave my business card to the manager and introduced everyone. Felt very grown up and connected. Not my usual scene at all!
I had the corn chowder, which was odd because it was water based. Sorry…chowder should be creamy! Tasty but strange. Then I had the spaetzle with ham, mushrooms and compte cheese. Yum. They gave me a free dessert – chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache and raspberry coulis! And my sister paid for everyone!
They had a huge wine/beer/foofy mixed drink list. Something like 32 beers on tap? That’s a lot of pulls!
It is another wicked loud place though…which is bothering me more and more these days. So I don’t think it’s going to be our go-to place. But it was fun to check out the scene.
Phil September 12 at 10:09pm
Glad you had a fun evening. Sounds like a cool place. I like lots of options for beer. Watchin the last game of the evening. Skins look decent.

September 12 at 10:17pm
Dinner with you sounds delicious. And I am not talking about the food. It sounds like an embarrassment of riches. A feast for the senses.
Right now, I would give almost anything to be able to see you. Just look at you. See you smile or wink. And hear you laugh. Or be very serious. Or whisper in my ear. It wouldn’t matter if it was the Gettysburg address or the weather or something sexy.
But I might get to touch you as well. And breathe in your essence. And even…taste you. Oh, my. I may cry.
Are you ticklish? I have very vague memory that you were…
Phil September 12 at 10:24pm
I can be ticklish. Depends on the mood but I can be.

September 13 at 12:44am
Been reading about you in my diaries. I wrote a lot. Freaky.
Headed to bed. Wish I could crawl into a bed with you. Do you sleep in the nude? Sleep well, sweet man.

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