Literary football sex

Literary reference (in honor of the football season)
Between Phil and You
September 10 at 11:11am
“Tell Me What You’re Thinking About,” he said.
We are at this Baltimore Colt-Minnesota Viking football game, and it is very cold. Four or five of us are huddled under a big glen plaid blanket. Suddenly, we jump up to watch Johnny Unitas running toward the goal. As he races down the field, we all turn as a body, wrapped in our blanket, screaming with excitement. Somehow, one of the men – I don’t know who, and in my excitement I can’t look – has gotten himself more closely behind me. I keep cheering, my voice an echo of his, hot on my neck. I can feel his erection through his pants as he signals me with a touch to turn my hips more directly toward him. Unitas is blocked, but all the action, thank God, is still going toward that goal and all of us keep turned to watch. Everyone is going mad. He’s got his cock out now and somehow it’s between my legs; he’s torn a hole in my tights under my short skirt and I yell louder as the touchdown gets nearer now. We are all jumping up and down and I have to lift my leg higher, to the next step in the bleachers, to steady myself; now the man behind me can slip it in more easily. We are all leaping about, thumping one another on the back, and he puts his arm around my shoulders to keep us in rhythm. He’s inside me now, shot straight up through me like a ramrod; my God, it’s like he’s in my throat! “All the way, Johnny! Go, go, run, run!” we scream together, louder than anyone, making them all cheer louder, the two of us leading the excitement like cheerleaders, while inside me I can feel whoever he is growing harder and harder, pushing deeper and higher into me with each jump until the cheering for Unitas becomes the rhythm of our fucking and all around us everyone is on our side, cheering us and the touchdown…it’s hard to separate the two now. It’s Unitas’ last down, everything depends on him; we’re racing madly, almost at our own touchdown. My excitement gets wilder…almost out of control as I scream for Unitas to make it as we do, so that all go over the line together. And as the man behind me roars, clutching me in a spasm of pleasure, Unitas goes over and I…
from Nancy Friday’s book “My Secret Garden: Women’s Sexual Fantasies.”

Phil September 10 at 11:32am
Wow! I love it!
September 10 at 1:13pm
Phew. I am so glad you get it. So glad!
Since you turned my desk into a trigger, I thought I’d return the favor and add a new flavor to your football menu. 🙂 
This passage is the start of the book. and in the next sentence, her lover gets up, puts on his pants and leaves. It is the beginning of the end of their relationship. So it’s a cautionary tale about being very careful who you share your fantasies with. I am so happy I can share with you!
Every time I send something, I think carefully and hold my breath…hoping you’ll get it. And you do. In spades. I hope you know how special that is! I suppose eventually I will get over worrying about it. Trust…working on trust. But know, if any particular thing makes you go “EEEWWW!” you can say that. Really. And explain, if you can, so we learn more about what works. I feel like I go out on a limb…over and over…and you run right along with me and we jump off together and soar! Powerful stuff.
Phil September 10 at 3:51pm
Nothing makes me go eewww. I love to try new things, to experiment. I loved the story. It’s something I could see myself doing.

September 10 at 4:27pm
You don’t say eeew. But you can, if the day arrives that I pop up with something too out there. You have been good about saying “Interesting, but not my thing” on such fronts as pain etc. so I know you feel comfortable saying where your lines are.
In the past, I’ve read fantasies, or written my own, and been outside them, detached, watching, thinking…”Oh, that’s interesting.” But for various reasons, I couldn’t get into them.
Now, I can see myself in them. With you. thinking, “Oh, yes…yes…” and I’ve been…reacting to them in um…interesting ways. It’s an interesting change…makes me feel slightly out of control…but I am deciding that’s alright.

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