Friday filler

[I was still in the afterglow when I woke up, so I posted a music video to my Facebook wall]
Hugh Jackman singing “Oh What A Beautiful Morning” from “Oklahoma!”

Phil September 10 at 11:28am
Hey good morning! Getting ready to hit the road in a bit. Hope you have a great day and a fabulous weekend. Found some work to do near the beach Monday so I can stay and watch the MNF game on my big screen with the kids and my friends. Gotta swing by and get some tequilla. It’s a tradition to do a shot every time my team scores. I hope there are many shots Monday night! 🙂
September 10 at 1:41pm
Ah, the weekend…I am ready! The co-workers are in a goofy mood today – lots of fun!
I’m continuing with birthday celebrations. Tonight my sister is cooking for me and I get to play with my niece! Saturday some friends are taking me out for sushi dinner. Sunday hope to get some chores done around home. And see my parents. And be in touch with an old flame…
Phil September 10 at 3:52pm
Enjoy! Football for me!

September 10 at 10:13pm
Hope you had an easy trip and a nice evening.
Sis cooked me a great Southern dinner – fried chicken, rice&gravy, broccoli with garlic..then peach/blueberry cobbler with mascarpone whipped cream. Yum. I focused on my niece…she is such a hoot! Endless energy.
Tired. Good tired. going to bed and taking scenarios with me. You. Me. Football…mmmm….

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