Saturday scenario

Phil September 11 at 5:17am

Morning girl. Dinner sounded wonderful. Glad you had a good time. I had a wonderful 18 year old scotch, sat around yapping, nice evening. Renovation work today. Gym first. Have a great day!

September 11 at 5:51am
Good morning! Another beautiful morning here. Nothing stirring yet. I am marveling at the amazing deep blue of sky…turning orange at the horizon. If you were here to watch the dawn with me, you could get exercise…of a different kind. Hmmmm….back to bed for me.
Saturday scenario
Between Phil and You
September 11 at 11:54am
I start to wake up…what day is it? It’s SATURDAY! YES! No alarm…no work. YES! I’m lying on my right side near the edge of the bed, in that hazy brain space between sleep and not quite awake…maybe I will drift back to sleep.
Suddenly, I feel your hand on my stomach, inching slowly lower. You’re pressed against my back, all warm and furry and hard. How long have you been there? Doesn’t matter. So nice. Hard…mmm… something very hard in the crack on my ass. I smile. That smile. I need to wake up…feel all this…wake up…wake up!
Your finger slips inside me and I twist, my knees pressing together. A quick breath and a low moan ease out of my mouth and my teeth start worrying my lip. I can’t seem to catch my breath…
You slip your other hand under me and go right to my breast…slowly grasping, squeezing. Then a single finger teases the nipple, around and around. It causes sparks between my legs! I try to think of the look on your face. Wishing I had a big mirror. The triple action of your hand on my breast, your finger inside me and you cock pressed against me…I’m awake now. And aroused. You can tell that I was ready for more.
You use your knee to press me up slightly and part my legs…I know what you were trying to do but… is it physically possible? You make a soft, humming sound in my ear…like a gourmet appreciating a sip of the finest wine. I stretch and move up a bit more.
You press a second finger inside me. I gasp. You stop for a moment, then slowly, slowly, press further, turning a bit, testing. The palm of your hand presses hard, and releases…then presses again. I start to rock against you…
You lick my neck, my ear…just little licks…here, there…I shiver in response…more awake, more aware, unable to stay still. I press back a bit more…trying to get you inside me…can it…work?
Your knee, your hands…some magic…and you are inside me, pressing me up your body. I feel your hips on my ass..your skin so hot… Ahhh…mmmmm
And then you put your finger into the top of the folds and every nerve starts to fire toward the center of my body. I hear the blood rushing in my ears, mixed with your rapidly increasing breathing. I start to lose my mind a bit…wanted to tell you…something, but can’t form any thought other than WOW!!! so hot…so deep…so….oh, oh, oh!
And you move faster and faster…slamming against me, held tight by your hands. I start to soar…
And the words spill out of you in a rush between labored breaths…”Are you… awake now?”
“Mmmm….hmmmm….” I manage to reply, even though there is no blood going to my brain.
“Are you….feeling good?”
“Oh! No…,” I purr…”fabulous!”

I can feel you chuckling and grinning. You shove even deeper inside me…sweet punishment for my sassy ways!

“Fabulous, you say. I will show you fabulous…” and I only have a split second to ponder what that might mean when you go wild…pumping, pressing, slamming into me, murmuring dirty, sexy words over and over in my ear.
I see stars…literal spinning, shining stars and I realize I am not breathing, not getting enough air and I start to take deep, deep breaths…and you slow down…arghhh…but I realize your plan in another moment.  You are gone…wait!
Then you flip me over, and press on top of me…taking my mouth so completely…tongues…breath together…Ahhh, yes… We fit ourselves back together – lips, arms, torso, hips, legs intertwining.
Finally I can get my arms around you, my hands on your back, my nails, scraping the skin gently as I make my way down the length of you… and tilt my hips up and press you back inside me. My teeth nip at your shoulder…and then you look into my eyes.
I forget what happened after that, but I smiled the entire rest of the day. Maybe you remember?
Phil September 11 at 9:31pm
Still at it. What a pain in the ass.

September 11 at 10:27pm
Yuck…what a long day for you. Poor guy. Did you think it would take this long or was there a glitch?
While you were slaving away, I had a nice nap. And then went out to dinner.
Another birthday dinner! whee. We had Chinese – old-fashioned pupu platter/drinks with umbrellas place. Six of us. Ordered 4 appetizers and 5 main dishes, and passed them all around.
Someone gave me a temporary tattoo of flaming dice! They had a discussion about the merits of various parts of my body with regard to where I should put it, while I blushed. You don’t have any tattoos, do you? I think I would have seen them already…
September 12 at 12:01am
Hey, there…heading off to bed. Sleep well sweet man.

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