Sexy underwear survey

Sunday, September 5 at 7:43pm
So…here’s something new. A multiple choice question! Please tell me what you think of sexy underwear on a woman (that you might get to see.)
A. No. Waste of money, going to take it her off anyway
B. Yes, please!
C. No…only whores wear it
D. Other (explain)
Phil September 5 at 9:42pm
Love it! Thongs, lace crotchless, garters, see through, all sexy as hell. Make me rise to attention! Love a women in lingerie. Love to hear a women moan “fuck me.” Love tasting cum in her mouth, on her tits or from her freshly fucked pussy. I now have a raging hard on that needs attention. Hope you are happy! 🙂

September 5 at 9:57pm
Wow.. makes my day when I happen to “push the right button.” Hee hee… very happy. Do so wish I could help you… you can call me, if you can call me. or hold the thought until you’re back in D.C. Heh. ooxx

September 5 at 10:30pm
I had a lovely dinner out at a small storefront Italian place.  We started with their amazing bruschetta, then I had the tri-color Tortellini with prosciutto cotto and mushrooms in light cream sauce. A friend had the chicken risotto, and Hubby tried their a unique concoction of veal with apricot, raisins and pine nuts in cherry wine sauce, served with roasted vegetables. Everything is so fresh and tasty there!
September 5 at 11:27pm
Probably won’t get to “Thongs, lace crotchless, garters, see through” (Oh my!) initially, but I will try to find something other than the boring cotton Hanes briefs. Maybe some lace… or something. I’m not usually very girlie in any of my attire, but for you… sounds worth it!
You know if I was there, I would help you out. You would give me that look, and we’d calmly excuse ourselves to somewhere I could lock the door. I’d follow you, grabbing your ass as we go. Then I’d put my hands on your crotch and tease you, running my fingers over you and around behind you. I would kiss your mouth and use my tongue to explore while removing all fabric impediments. I would stroke. And kiss you between your legs. Lick. Then gently slam you back against the nearest wall and wrap my lips around you until your legs buckle. Then find a flat surface to lay you out and really go to town. Hands…lips… dirty words… you know it, mister. Eventually… there would be cum on the ceiling and all over me. Then you’d have to help me.
I have never smoked. Why do I feel like I need a cigarette now? 🙂

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