Labor day underwear

Monday, September 6 at 12:07am
Happy Labor Day! I’m a union member these days… Makes the day have a bit more meaning.
Phil September 6 at 5:33am
Happy labor day! Dinner sounds amazing! I love food like that. Any underwear is sexy underwear! I like your scenario, especially you being covered in cum. I am hard yet again, yearning to feel hands, lips tongue. Sounds amazing!
September 6 at 6:35am
My Labor Day is off to a good start…because there’s another gorgeous sunrise. and a message from you! Glad you like my scenario. Good word…scenario.
So…let’s hear about your underwear on a usual day, mister. Boxers? Briefs? White? Colors? A few details can help my imagination, you know? I may plot something for you for a winter’s evening…hmmm…maybe silk blue Yankee gym shorts? I’ve never explored the possibilities of sexy men’s underwear…have to show off a man’s assets but allow easy access…hmmm…heading off to the internet for ideas.
Yearning…another excellent word. Very apropos.
I do feel a little guilty for leaving you all revved up with no where to go. But the idea of being able to cause that reaction makes me feel extraordinary! and the idea that I might someday be able to satisfy your yearnings…ooooh.
Phil September 6 at 9:00am
i have tried boxers. They are comfortable if you are just hanging in boxers but I never lay around in underwear. I get up, jump in the shower and get dressed. I may wear gym shorts on a lazy day but never just underwear. I wear briefs. I like colored briefs and have several of those. I do have some form fitting boxers and those are ok. I have football boxers and I like those. No Yankee underwear though.

I woke up this morning and saw a message on my phone that I knew was from you. I got in the shower thinking about some other messages and what this one might be about. Found myself stroking my cock thinking about fucking you over the desk, in the elevator, maybe on the balcony at the hotel. Thinking of you stroking me to the brink and then backing off. Took only moments to get to that point, could feel the tingling in my thighs, knew I was about to cum and then stopped. Did it again, so intense! Could visualize you sucking me, stroking me, ummmm, came so hard it hit the back wall of the shower, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 strong shots, cum flying every where, my knees weak, man, wish those strong bursts were inside of you. Would love for you to feel my hot cum shooting inside of you, filling you up, as your tight pussy milked the final little bit from me. hope your morning is going well. I certainly had a good start to mine. Have a relaxing labor day!

Phil September 6 at 11:08am
Looking for a msg. You give up?

September 6 at 11:11am
There was another message. about a movie. But I got interrupted. By a man. A desk. A cock… And I came about 600 times in the space of 6 minutes. and then he got interrupted. And now… all I can say is… I adore you. You make me smile. And burn. And sit for hours typing. And so much more. I will tell you more when my brain starts working again. When my insides stop throbbing…
September 6 at 11:23am
You may not see that msg for awhile. Throbbing won’t stop… my mind keeps replaying… waves and waves… going to wreck my damn desk chair! Now look who’s all revved up with nowhere to go! ME! Damn it, Phil. You sure now how to get a woman from zero to 100 mph… speed. Speeding…
September 6 at 11:38am
So high… Brussel sprouts. Have to think about brussel sprouts. They always bring me down…need to come down… brus
Phil September 6 at 11:52am
Hard throbbing cock in your mouth, between your tits, in your hand, in your pussy. Darting tongue tasting that delightful pussy. Hot mouth on your nipples. Fuck brussel sprouts
September 6 at 12:03pm
HIO…SSherlock da cAT agin. hooman lady passed out. Againnnn. Waz reeding someting. Making funnio noises. Moving. Odd. Send toona. Kthnx. Bye.
[He called me on his way to the gym, talked for about five minutes.  He sounded concerned that I had not replied online, wondered if he’d been too explicit?   He started chuckling and saying very sexy things when he realized it was just that I had actually had an orgasm (or six) and was overcome with the images he’d been writing about…]

September 6 at 1:23pm
Thanks for calling. I wanted to say so much more… and to smack you for torturing me. But it’s such sweet torture!
September 6 at 2:04pm
So…the movie. With a message.
I’m bopping around the internet…youtube videos of kissing… looking for distraction. Or ideas to share with you.  ended up on looking for an old movie that I thought had a sexy scene. There’s a new movie – “Perfect Romance.” No idea what it’s about. Click.
A 50-ish mom with a 24 year old divorced daughter. Mom decides to place a personal ad online for the daughter, write to a guy and get him to come visit. Modern take on the Cyrano de Bergerac.
He falls for the woman online, visits, woos the daughter and she is nothing like her online self. But he is having fun with her family – her son, neighbor and… the mother. Daughter decides he’s not for her. She realizes she’s loved the neighbor all along. Mom confesses it was her online. She can’t believe he’d want an older woman with wrinkles…but he says it’s her mind that’s the key. Her attitude. Kissing ensues.
Perfect message for me to hear…reminds me of something you said recently that the body doesn’t matter – attitude matters. Please, please let it turn out to be true in person!

I want SPARKS!
September 6 at 2:05pm
Now I am going to leave my computer and eat breakfast….
September 6 at 3:34pm
Quick question – How tall are you?
Phil September 6 at 4:38pm
6 ft 4, 235 pounds, working towards 220, down from a high of 270
September 6 at 4:48pm
I don’t outweigh you by 100 pounds. Hooray!

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